A Day Or Two In France

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We Head Out For A Day Or Two In France

We headed out with the project cars for our first ever event in France, VW Days. The show is known to be one of the biggest events on the VAG show calendar in Europe. Setting off around 12am on the Saturday and heading down to Dover to catch the late ferry the excitement of what the event would bring from watching videos from other years, kept us awake for the overnight trip, that and the cars we where driving helped too, The mk1 Caddy, 1973 high top T2 bus and the two 20VT mk2 Golfs joined us. On arriving at the venue around 8am we got our first real glimpse how big the show really is, 5-6 lanes as far as the eye could see all made up of VAG show cars and the odd rarity from other areas of the "stance movement", the turn out was incredible, despite the pending weather, yep you guessed it, the British weather followed us, rain! lots of it too, but despite the wet weather it didn't seem to dampen anyone spirits or the turn out.