No car wash should start without a pre-wash. True detailers will tell you that this is one of the most important stages in the entire wash process. The pre-wash stage is designed to remove as much dirt and grime from the vehicle as possible before coming in to contact with it. This two-step process, using a pre-cleaner and a snow foam is vital in avoiding, and reducing the infliction of, swirl marks.

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Achieve Safe Cleaning with Car Pre-Wash Products from Auto Finesse!

One of the most overlooked detailing stages is car pre-washing. Without performing this crucial detailing step, your vehicle is likely to develop scratches during your contact wash by the dragging of the heavy grit and grime lingering on sensitive surfaces. Our pre-wash products, when applied to the vehicle exterior, loosen, break down and lift off as much dirt as possible to safeguard the paint in preparation for when you finally touch it with your wash mitt during the contact wash stage. So, we welcome all, including car enthusiasts, auto detailing shops, fleet owners, DIY car care enthusiasts and vehicle owners, to our shop to check out our extensive pre-wash collection. Let us equip you with the best choice of pre-wash products designed to remove contamination during the contactless wash stages at the start of every detail.

Top Picks Of Car Pre-Wash Products

  • Citrus pre-wash: Citrus Power Bug & Grime Remover is the best ready-to-use, wax, sealant and coating safe pre cleaner. This powerful solution is designed to lift and encapsulate heavy soiling and gritty contamination allowing it to be rinsed away without scratching the most sensitive paintwork and trim.
  • Snow foam: Our specially-formulated, citrus-infused Avalanche Snow Foam lingers on vehicle surfaces for the maximum amount of time, allowing it to break down bonded grime for a swirl-free finish. Safe and powerful cleaning on all protection layers including wax, ceramic coatings and paintwork sealants.
  • Traffic film remover (TFR): Dynamite Traffic Film Remover is a must-have heavy-hitting citrus-based cleaning solution. This versatile, dilute-to-suit pre-cleaner is suitable for a multitude of detailing tasks, not just on the car exterior but also commonly-forgotten areas such as inside door shuts and fuel filler caps.
  • All-purpose cleaner (APC): Verso All Purpose Cleaner is a versatile heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser that’s dilutable to make it suitable for a huge number of cleaning tasks, inside and out. Capable of taking on the heaviest cleaning on wheels, engine bays and vehicle exteriors, this concentrated, dilute-to-suit solution can also be used on vehicle interiors for the ultimate deep-cleaning and valeting. All our professional quality pre-wash products are tried, tested and loved by both detailing enthusiasts and trade professionals all around the world.

Enjoy Cleaning Convenience with Auto Finesse Accessories

At Auto Finesse, we also offer the best pre-wash stage accessories for the most effective application of our pre-wash solutions, helping you get the best, swirl-free results on every car wash:

  • Pump sprayer: Our Foaming Pressure Sprayer is a versatile accessory that takes the effort out of the application of all spray-on cleaners and even snow foam. Suitable for pre-cleaners, such as Citrus Power and Dynamite, along with Verso, Imperial Wheel Cleaner and Avalanche Snow Foam, the huge 2-litre capacity makes this accessory great for the most liberal, effortless application of all cleaning products.
  • Snow foam lance: Our professional Snow Foam Lance is the best accessory for quickly and effectively applying Avalanche Snow Foam. This essential detailing tool is designed to dilute snow foam concentrate, pushing the solution through a special metal gauze to activate the cleaning agents and create a thick foam that lingers on surfaces for longer. Get a 500ml Avalanche Snow Foam for free with every Snow Foam Lance.
  • Mixing bottle: The Auto Finesse Pro Mixing bottle is ideal for diluting all spray-on solutions in the correct ratio for the most effective cleaning. Marked with measurements for ease of use, this tough, reusable bottle is ideal for professional detailers and detailing enthusiasts for taking the guess work out of diluting your cleaning agents and pre-wash solutions.

Shop now from Auto Finesse and eliminate as much of the harmful contamination as possible in the pre-wash stage for the ultimate swirl-free finish!

Best Practices When Applying Pre-Wash Products

What’s the secret behind a gleaming, swirl-free finish on a car? The pre-wash stage is where you get your car ready for the main wash. This crucial stage makes the contact wash as safe as possible, it’s that simple.

With Auto Finesse’s car pre-wash products, you are assured of the smoothest application and the best results. The ultimate 2-stage pre-wash follows these simple steps:

  1. Thoroughly rinse down the whole vehicle. This removes loose grit and grime allowing your cleaners to get to work where they’re most needed – on the bonded contaminants.
  2. Apply your spray-on pre-cleaner. Dilute your pre-cleaner when necessary (Dynamite TFR and Verso APC should be diluted in accordance to the level of contamination present, Citrus Power is supplied ready-to-use). Apply to all exterior surfaces, targeting dirty areas first for maximum dwell time.
  3. Rinse thoroughly from the top down to remove the grime encapsulated by your pre-cleaner.
  4. Snow Foam Application. Pour around 100ml of Avalanche Snow Foam in your Snow Foam Lance Bottle or Foaming Pressure Sprayer and top up with water. Apply to the whole vehicle from the top down.
  5. Allow Avalanche to dwell for as long as possible to break down the toughest bonded grime and to spread into all panel gaps.
  6. Don’t let the solution dry out while dwelling. As it starts to dry rinse thoroughly from the top of the vehicle down.

With this, your vehicle is ready for the safest possible contact wash stage with Lather Car Shampoo, two Detailing Buckets and your choice of surface-safe detailer’s wash mitt.