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In 2015 is when it all started for us. We found out about the Auto Finesse brand on social media at Christmas time and we ordered products for us to use on our own cars after it had captured our attention. The products won us over from there, our favourite being Radiance and Crystal! All the kindness the team has with the customers is surreal. What stood out to us is everything we saw back then and continue to see on a daily basis. The special offers, the marketing, the design, the cars. That whole vibe is fantastic for us! We felt a click and said "we have to sell Auto Finesse products in Portugal, and that's exactly what we did". When we took on the range it was already well known within Portugal, however it continues to grow every year and we have a great community of AF enthusiasts. We firstly started by designing a walk in store where customers are welcome to walk in, speak about detailing and be with cool cars. We have recently revamped the store to the AF style and offer our detailing bay for workshops as we want to bring the community together to learn more about the range and teach them how to use it. The AF team worker closely with us from the start and helped us to build the website, supplying everything we needed from packs shots and descriptions to guiding us through our first order. We are very happy to be a part of the family! Our plans in the next 3-5 years are to grow up our company and move to another warehouse, much bigger with a showroom (cars) and a new Detailing Academy, maybe with courses.