Ultimate Dubs, 2018

Ultimate Dubs 2018, aka Mother's Day, and judging by the massive attendance, there was a significant amount of people not round their Mum's for Sunday roasts!

Ultimate Dubs - or UD to the 'scene' - is THE season opener. Held at the awesome indoor venue of the Telford International Centre, in Telford - funnily enough - it's a huge indoor show and kicks off the show season nicely.

2018 was no different. And there seemed to be more variety, which is no bad thing, but sets off the die-hard dubbers with their it's a dub show comments, why is there a BMW inside! comments - all the usual drama aside, it was a great show! There is always variety at UD and you can always guarantee there being something for everyone; a mixture of the more modern modified motors and a fair bit of classic metal too, restored to almost new status. It's not just UK cars, either - the amount of European cars that get prime spots indoors at this show is amazing. Truly some of Europe's finest in one place.

This year was a little different for us, though. Oh, we still worked hard leading up to the show, producing a huge amount of products to take with us, and we still got horrendously drunk at the infamous overnighter, but what we did differently is we filmed it all.

Naturally, we couldn't use all of the footage. We won't go into why. But we thought we'd give you a little insider view at how Auto Finesse prepares for one of the biggest shows of the season and a little insight into what we get up to along the way. Expect to see us working hard in the warehouse, loading up the van and driving to Telford from our hub in Hertfordshire, as well as stumbling in and out of the local Holiday Inn and The International bars...

So here it is, our event reel from Ultimate Dubs 2018: