Car Shampoo, Is It Safe To Use On Wax?

When shopping for the correct car shampoo it's often confusing, "added gloss", "wash n wax" "easy rinse" are among just some of the latest and greatest features in a car shampoo - but what do you really want? If your into your detailing products, car detailing, car care and caring for your car properly, you probably already use a dedicated LSP, (Last stage protection product) in the the form of a car wax or paint sealant, so in reality you don't need or want any of those features, the "added wax" is usually inferior to the car wax you already have on your car, and the "easy rinse" agents often inhibit the car wax you already have on your paintwork from working properly. We asked our detailers and customers what they really wanted from a car shampoo and the results where good cleaning power, to be car wax friendly and have good lubricity.

Car Shampoo, Is It Safe To Use On Wax? - Car Shampoo, Safe On Wax?
Car Shampoo, Is It Safe To Use On Wax? - Car Shampoo, Safe On Wax?

When we first added our car shampoo Lather to our care care range, we had a few goals in mind. First and foremost we wanted a straight up no nonsense Ph balanced car shampoo that would clean without affecting or deteriorating the existing paintwork protection, i.e. car wax or paint sealant layers from added glossing agents or synthetic waxes.

The car shampoo Lather was to be a "detailers" car shampoo, no added wax or gloss enhancers that clog up and dull a good car wax finish, inhibiting the waxes ability to shed water and keep your car cleaner longer, after all who wants to put cheap glossers over the top of a high grade Carnauba wax finish?

Then we set about making it a high concentrate with a dilution ratio of 1000:1 part shampoo. Its a heavy hitter, but the question arrose at such a concentration if not diluted correctly in your wash bucket will this car shampoo not strip the car wax?" No! is the answer, hard to believe, but our Lather car shampoo doesn't contain any raw ingredients that would break down your cars paint protection at any level. We made this short video demonstration to prove you could pour Lather our car shampoo neat on to a waxed surface and it still won't remove or affect your car wax.

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