The Ultimate Compact Polishing Machine

The Ultimate Compact Polishing Machine - MPX Dual Action Polisher
MPX Dual Action Polisher MPX Dual Action Polisher MPX Dual Action Polisher MPX Dual Action Polisher MPX Dual Action Polisher MPX Dual Action Polisher
MPX Dual Action Polisher

The MPX Dual Action Car Polisher is a professional quality compact paint polishing tool ideal for targeting smaller are... See product details More

Take a closer look at the MPX Dual Action Machine Polisher, the best compact DA machine polisher in the detailing business…

Here at Auto Finesse, and much like all professional detailers, we take our machine polishing extremely seriously. Not only are the paintwork correction and enhancement stages that are carried out in between car washing/decontamination and application of protection the most important part in creating a flawless, swirl-free final finish, but they’re arguably the processes most associated with professional detailing as a whole. In fact, for some, the polishing stages are exactly where a simple car wash transforms into a full detail… and, while we don’t necessarily agree with that as a blanket statement, we certainly get the sentiment.

What makes a machine polisher the choice of the seasoned detailer is that the machine polishing process is the most effective, quickest and most consistent way of refining paintwork and eradicating paint defects such as swirl marks, scratches and oxidation. Rather than removing them directly the process involves using an abrasive (compound or polish) to cut away a tiny amount of the surface layer through friction. By levelling down the entire area until the bottom of the defect is reached essentially the blemish disappears, and when the surface is refined, you’re left with a much smoother top layer that appears deeper and glossier. Hand polishing follows the same process of course, but removing serious defects always requires serious elbow grease – the reason why, whenever possible, we’ll almost always opt for machine polishing when it comes to paint correction and enhancement.

For more on the science of how machine polishing works, see our full article – The Basic Guide To Machine Polishing.

The Ultimate Compact Polishing Machine - Polishing Car

The art of machine polishing has changed over the last decade or so. Due to the potential risks involved the process was traditionally the reserve of detailing professionals, most often using mops or basic rotary polishers which build up a huge amount of heat and tend to make it far too easy to burn through paint or clear coat layers. This common mistake causes significant damage that cannot usually be rectified without re-painting. But with the advances in user safety due to the way that modern dual action machines limit heat build-up, it’s not only possible to get professional results at home, and at a fraction of the cost, but it’s also relatively easy. That’s just one of the reasons why we developed our full-bodied, 720W DPX Dual Action Machine Polisher some years ago. An industry quality tool which has proved infinitely popular with both detailing enthusiasts and trade professionals alike.

The point is that the safest way of machine polishing any area of paintwork or gloss plastic trim, will always be by using a dual action machine and that’s why we not only produce our original 5-inch DPX Machine Polisher, but we soon developed a more compact version, too.

Our MPX Machine Polisher is designed to wear many proverbial hats. A pro quality dual action machine the MPX comes with the ability to use both 5 and 3-inch polishing pads. This not only makes a cost-effective, compact alternative to larger machines, but with a tight 8mm orbit it also acts as the perfect partner to complement to your full-body DA when used for tackling smaller areas of paintwork and gloss plastics. This includes the tight contours you find on many vehicles, and parts such as wing mirrors, pillars and light clusters that may otherwise be missed due to not having a small enough pad. In other words, our versatile MPX not only gives you a pro-level tool to help you to cover every part of your vehicle faster and more effectively than ever before, but it also comes with the same safety features as a larger DA machine.

The Ultimate Compact Polishing Machine - Polishing the Car
The Ultimate Compact Polishing Machine - Polishing the Car
The Ultimate Compact Polishing Machine - MPX Dual Action Polisher

Dual action machines are specifically designed to limit heat under the pad. Unlike a rotary machine which spins on one axis like an angle grinder or drill, a dual action polisher rotates the pad in two ways simultaneously, more like a random orbital sander. The concentric circles from the head and wider spindle motion (the orbit) introduces a ‘wobble’ that not only makes burning through paint and clearcoat layers all but impossible but doesn’t leave the visible polishing trail often associated with polishing using a rotary machine. Modern DAs like our MPX will also stall when held on an edge or when too much pressure is applied, another safety measure that makes using a DA the easiest, and most importantly safest, way to get professional results during any kind of enhancement or defect removal. What’s more, modern DAs are more than capable of removing the same kind of heavy defects as powerful professional rotary polishers – only without the associated risks.

The Ultimate Compact Polishing Machine - Polishing Pad

Our MPX Dual Action Polisher features a powerful 600W motor, giving it plenty of grunt to power through when polishing large panels with a 5-inch polishing pad and making it ideal for more targeted use with a smaller 3-inch pad. Just like full-body machines this essential detailing tool has multi-adjustable speed settings (6 stages from 2000-6400rpm), a long 5m power cable to help avoid unwanted bodywork contact, soft start and can be used with or without the supplied D-handle allowing you to configure your polishing setup to your needs and comfort.

The Ultimate Compact Polishing Machine - Car Polishing Machine
The Ultimate Compact Polishing Machine - Polisher and Revitalise Spot Pad
The Ultimate Compact Polishing Machine - Adjusting MPX Dual Action Polisher

The MPX Dual Action Machine Polisher is available singularly or as part of our all-inclusive Swirl Slayer Kit which includes our advanced One Step All-in-One Compound, Pad Prime and both a 5-inch Medium Revitalise Polishing Pad and a 3-inch Medium Revitalise Spot Pad. To see more on how to best utilise One Step and your MPX to eradicate swirl marks and scratches in a single stage check out our article – How To Machine Polish A Car.

The Ultimate Compact Polishing Machine - Car Polish on Spot Pad
MPX Dual Action Polisher MPX Dual Action Polisher
MPX Dual Action Polisher

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