Tripple On Faded Paint

Tripple all in one car polish has fast become one of the top-selling detailing products in the Auto Finesse detailing and car care range, favoured for its versatility and ease of application. Tripple contains three active parts. 1. a mild abrasive as found in finishing polishes to help remove dead/oxidised paint, remove fine swirl and scratch marks and refresh the surface of the paint. 2. A polymer paint glazes to help fill any remaining scratches and swirls, as well as nourish the paint finish, and grade 1 carnauba wax to add protection, making it the ultimate one stage product for detailers.

The all in one polish

One of Tipple's many talents is restoring red paint finishes that have faded and/or turned pink via oxidisation. In this short demo, we show just how effective it is at this detailing task by hand.

Using Tripple by hand

For this demonstration, we will be tapping up half of the bonnet. It's not recommended that you do this on your own car, this is simply to demonstrate Tripple's capabilities on faded paintwork.

However, if you do want to test Tripple on your cars paintwork we recommend you tape off a small section about 15 x 15cm in size in an inconspicuous area. This could, for instance, be on a lower half or even on the lower bumper.

Tripple On Faded Paint - Tripple On Faded Paint
Tripple Tripple Tripple Tripple Tripple Tripple Tripple Tripple

The ultimate all-in-one car polish, Tripple is designed to clean, refine, glaze and protect paintwork in minimal time,... See product details More

When using Tripple all in one car polish we always recommend the use of a microfibre applicator pad. This applicator will ensure full coverage of Tripple car polish, whilst ensuring Tripple's three stages are completed in one hit.

We start by applying two pea-sized amounts of Tripple car polish to the microfibre applicator.

Next, we massage Tripple into the bonnet. Although we are completing half of a bonnet here, we would split this into three or four more manageable sections. We recommend that you work in an area no larger than 60 x 60cm.

Tripple On Faded Paint - Tripple On Faded Paint
Tripple On Faded Paint - Tripple On Faded Paint

Once Tripple car polish has been worked into the section/panel it can be removed. We recommend that you treat one panel at a time. For larger panels, on larger cars, we recommend that you work half a panel at a time (for example roofs and bonnets).

Although we recommend working on one panel at a time, Tripple can be left for shorter or longer periods depending on your work style. Tripple's unique formula allows you to work on how you work best. This same formula will not dry or break onto your cars paintwork whilst you continue with another section.

The results of the process above should result in something like this:

Tripple On Faded Paint - Tripple-Faded-Paint-Resaved.jpg
Tripple On Faded Paint - Tripple On Faded Paint

Here we have used Tripple to revive an old red oxidised paint finish. Tripple has cut through the oxidised paint, glazed the surface to add a deep rich gloss and added protection through its T1 carnauba wax content. Tripple is the perfect detailing products to restore old oxidised paint on vintage vehicles, or for removing light swirls and wash marring on modern clear coat finishes.

As well as Tripple's cutting abilities its paint glazing polymers make it the perfect base for one of our premium carnauba wax.

Although we have used Tripple by hand here it can also be used with a machine polisher with great success. When teamed with a DA (Dual Action) polisher and a finishing pad Tripple is the perfect detailing products for time-pressed professionals who are completing enhancement details.

See It In Action

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