The Pro Compound Kit

After 3-years of the most exhaustive development and real-world testing, our Professional Series Compounds have finally dropped. And they're ready to take the pro detailing industry by storm.

Achieving results to the highest professional standard

No expense has been spared to ensure that our advanced compound formulas surpass the performance of every other paint correction product on the market.

Unrivalled results every time you detail

Ranging from our coarse Heavy Cutting Compound, through to our Medium Polishing Compound and Fine Finishing Compound, every task is covered without the need for any other abrasive products.

Product Information

Product Type: Machine Polishing Kit
Product Code: TPSC-KIT

After three years of rigorous testing and refining by our team of expert detailers and a network of over 50 trusted independent specialists, we finally introduce our Professional Series Compounds and Pads.

This kit includes:

1 x Heavy Polishing Compound No.36

Our No:36 Heavy cut compound compound has been developed specifically to cut through clear-coated paintwork finishes, so experts can eliminate severe swirling and deeper scratches with easy. After three years of rigorous testing and refining by our team of expert detailers and a network of over 50 trusted independent specialists, our heavy cut pro 36 compound delivers an unparalleled level of abrasive cuts, capable of eradicating 1500 grit sanding marks. Not only this but its extended active work times and innovative diminishing technology allows us to safely get rid of the swirls while still providing a smooth polished finish as if a medium compound was used. Containing neither fillers nor oil-rich carriers, when you polish your car with our compound, you're guaranteed a true finish without any added shine.

1 x Medium Polishing Compound No.23

Here at the Academy, we have developed our Pro Series Line up to provide paint correction for a range of paint types and conditions. Our Medium Cut No:23 Pro Compound is the result of our over 3 years of development, creating a compound with enough cut and finish range to work as an ultimate one-step paint correction when coupled with medium pads or let you range up to heavy paint correction when coupled with cutting pads. Nine out of ten times, we find ourselves reaching for this product on cars that we see through the doors here at the Academy – it is perfectly suited to machine polishing paint correction tasks.

1 x Fine Finishing Compound No.15

The final stage in our new pro series compound line up. Our No:15 pro series finishing compound is the icing on the cake, the product that provides the depth and gloss you have been chasing the whole way through paint correction. Low cut, long work times and zero dust. The perfect pairing for a soft closed cell foam, this is the difference between a good, and an outstanding finish.

1 x Heavy Cutting Pad No.36

The best machine polishing pads for paint restoration and heavy-duty correction, our Professional Series No.36 Heavy Cutting Pads are ideal for use on heavily-weathered paintwork and capable of removing the harshest defects such as deep scratches and heavy swirl marks.

1 x Medium Polishing Pad No.23

The ultimate machine polishing pads for paint restoration and correction, our Professional Series No.23 Medium Polishing Pads are capable of removing the most common defects found in detailing such as scratches, light-medium swirl marks and heavy paint oxidation.

1 x Fine Finishing Pad No.15

The best machine polishing pad for creating a flawless, glossy finish, our Professional Series No.15 Fine Finishing Pad is ideal for the final stage of paint refinement prior to the application of protection layers, such as waxes, paint sealants or ceramic coatings.


Product Summary

  • Heavy Polishing Compound No. 36 1L
  • Medium Polishing Compound No. 23 1L
  • Fine Finishing Compound No. 15 1L
  • Heavy Cutting Pad
  • Medium Polishing Pad
  • Fine Finishing Pad

Pro Compound Kit

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