Dissolves the harshest contamination

Dynamite breaks down and lifts all kinds of road grime, encapsulating harmful particles and allowing them to be rinsed away without damaging sensitive surfaces. Power through traffic films, mould, heavy soiling, organic matter, bird droppings and bugs with ease.

Gentle on protection layers

This can be used on all exterior surfaces, including paintwork, vinyl wraps, glass, wheels, rubber and trim. Tough on the harshest baked-on contamination but gentle on protection layers, Dynamite will not strip your waxes, paint sealants and ceramic coatings.

Suitable for heavy degreasing

Developed for easy, contactless use Dynamite is suitable for heavy degreasing and deep-cleaning but safe on the most sensitive finishes such as bare metal, paint, rubber and plastics. Simply spray directly onto all exterior surfaces during your pre-wash and rinse away the grime. Also ideal for targeted application on awkward areas such as inside door shuts and around fuel filler caps, weather strips, emblems and rubber trim.

Dilute-To-Suit Formula

1-litre of concentrate makes up to 10-litres of powerful cleaning solution. Simply dilute at a ratio of 1:2-1:10 depending on the cleaning intensity required for the task in hand. From wheel cleaning and targeted deep-cleaning to your contactless pre-wash stage, this heavy-hitter is always ready to safely remove the most harmful grime.

Product Information

Product Type: Traffic Film Remover (TFR)
Product Code: DYN5

This concentrated TFR, is a safe citrus pre-wash solution developed to breakdown dirt and road grime from all vehicle exterior surfaces. From paintwork to wheels, arches and door jambs, this versatile cleaner makes light work of the dirtiest jobs, whilst maintaining delicate wax and sealant layers to their fullest. 

A concentrate, pre-wash TFR solution that you can adapt to any detailing task. From road grime and bug removal too deep cleaning and degreasing, Dynamite can pack a cleaning punch in any situation while remaining gentle on sensitive finishes such as bare alloy, wax and sealant layers or matte finishes. Simply dilute at a ratio from 1:1 to 1:10 depending on the cleaning intensity required, apply and rinse or for added bite, apply, agitate with a soft bristle detailing brush and wipe away.  

How-To Use Dynamite

Step 1

Dilute at a suitable ratio between 1:5 - 1:10 for the job in hand.

Step 2

Apply directly to the surface to be cleaned.

Step 3

Using a pressure washer or hose, rinse thoroughly from the surface.

Step 4

For heavily soiled areas reapply and agitate with a dedicated brush or mitt.

Step 5

Follow up by washing the vehicle in your usual manner.

Product Summary

  • Concentrated TFR, citrus pre-wash solution
  • Dilute to suit traffic film remover
  • Developed to breakdown dirt and road grime
  • Versatile cleaner that makes light work of the dirtiest jobs
  • Safe for paintwork, wheels, arches and door jambs
  • Gentle on sensitive finishes
  • Simply dilute at a ratio from 1:5 to 1:10
  • Apply and rinse or for added bite agitate with a soft bristle detailing brush


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