Dilute-to-suit APC

This concentrated all-purpose cleaner and degreaser can be diluted from 1:2 to 1:20 to take on any cleaning task inside an out. From your pre-wash and deep-cleaning wheels to cleaning engines and carpets, it powers through the toughest cleaning jobs with ease.

Powerful But Safe

The powerful blend of surfactants and degreasing agents safety breaks down, lifts and encapsulates potentially harmful grime, suspending sharp particles in the solution and allowing them to be rinsed or wiped away without damaging or abrading sensitive surfaces.

Quick & Easy - On Any Surface

From general cleaning on leather, upholstery and convertible roofs to degreasing commonly forgotten areas like dirty door jambs, greasy hinges and boot carpets, Verso does it all. This heavy-duty cleaner is safe to use on all paint types along with clear-coat, rubber, plastics, fabrics, engine components and vinyl wraps.

Deep-Cleaning And Heavy Degreasing

The heavy degreasing action and simple spray-on application makes fuel-stained flaps, filthy plastic arch liners and oily under-bonnets a thing of the past. Effortlessly cut through bonded contamination, stains and oil-based deposits to push the finer details of your detail to the next level.

Product Information

Product Type: All-Purpose Cleaner (APC)
Product Code: VERS1

Auto Finesse® Verso is our concentrated All Purpose Car Cleaner (APC) and degreaser - perfect for cleaning a vehicle's interior and exterior surfaces. Whether you detail vehicles every day or you are a weekend detailing hobbyist, a high quality multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser is a must-have product.

Verso can be used across carpet, fabric, rubber, engine, door jambs, wheel arches, tyres and convertible fabric hoods. Simply choose the recommended dilation ratio to suits your needs.

How-To Use Verso

Step 1

Shake well before use.

Step 2

Fill a 1 litre mixing bottle with the according amount to your intended use and top up the remainder with fresh water.

Step 3

Spray and wipe, or agitate if needed.

Step 4

Do not allow to dry on the surface.

Product Summary

  • Dilutable all purpose cleaner to suit your needs
  • Contains a powerful blend of surfactants and degreasing agents
  • Suitable for cleaning, degreasing and much more
  • Can be used on interior and exterior surfaces


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