Keep Your Leather In The Best Condition For Longer

Hide Leather Cleaner is a mildly balanced, glycerine-based cleaning solution specifically designed to remove ingrained dirt from all types of leather.

It is ideal for use on all finished, semi-aniline, and aniline (Sometimes also called "Nappa', uncoated, or natural.) leather finishes

Formulated to be gentle and suitable for regular use but tough enough to penetrate pores to remove grime, body oils and even the dreaded blue denim dye transfer without drying out the material. These contaminants will be trapped in the solution allowing them to be wiped away safely.

To get the best from your leather it's important to clean thoroughly before conditioning

If you don't clean the leather properly before "sealing' with conditioner, you'll seal in any dirt, grime and bacterial fungi that's already sitting on the leather. Never wash leather with water as water marks are also not attractive, not to mention the fact that it'll damage the leather's surface - no matter how gentle you are.

Not all leather is the same, so it's important to understand what type you have, as it gives an indication of what a conditioner is physically able to do, and how it will "work'.

The most commonly used and the cheapest to produce, many car leathers are painted or treated with an insoluble pigmented sealant, to get their final colour and finish. Aniline leather is often called Nappa or uncoated leather and offer the hide in its natural form. Usually found on high-end or classic vehicles. Semi Aniline Leathers are also used on high-end modern cars and basically speaking offer the look and most of the feel of an aniline leather, but the versatility of having a very thin protective coating.

Product Information

Product Type: Car Leather Cleaner
Product Code: HLC500

The Auto Finesse® Hide Cleanser is a mild, glycerin based leather cleaner, specifically balanced to safely remove grime from modern leather materials. It is ideal for use on all finished, semi-aniline, and aniline (Sometimes also called ‘Nappa’, uncoated, or natural.) leather finishes. Hide Leather Cleaner quickly penetrates the pores of the material, drawing out deeply ingrained dirt, stains, and oils. Hide Cleaner can even remove dye-transfer from blue-jeans, scuffs from shoes, and other stubborn marks from your fine leather upholstery. This places Hide Leather Cleaner among the best leather cleaners on the market.


Start by giving the product a good shake to mix the ingredients. On delicate aniline leathers, test the product in an inconspicuous area, and if no dye-transfer is present it is safe to continue. If the leather is lightly soiled, spray a fine mist of product directly onto a general purpose microfibre towel and gently wipe down the surface. Afterwards, flip the towel to a dry side to buff off the residue. If heavier soiling is present, spray Hide directly onto the surface, and allow dwelling momentarily. If necessary, agitate with a soft, short bristle brush to loosen the dirt. Once the grime has been lifted, remove the residue with a clean, general purpose microfibre towel. Work in small, manageable sections at a time to prevent the product prematurely drying on the surface. Once the leather has been cleaned, it will need to be treated with a conditioner like Auto Finesse Hide Conditioner, in order to keep the material looking at its best.

How-To Use Hide Cleanser

Step 1

Shake well before use.

Step 2

Apply a fine mist to one section at a time.

Step 3

Using a fresh clean microfibre cloth spread evenly over the area.

Step 4

If necessary agitate with a soft bristle leather cleaning brush.

Step 5

Using a fresh clean microfibre cloth remove the solution and dry.

Product Summary

  • A mild, glycerin based leather cleaner
  • Specifically balanced to safely remove grime from modern leather materials
  • It is ideal for use on all finished, semi-aniline, and aniline (Sometimes also called ‘Nappa’, uncoated, or natural.) leather finishes
  • Quickly penetrates the pores of the material