Product Information

Product Type: Pad Cleaning Brush
Product Code: PCB

A small but essential tool to aid in every machine polishing process, our Pad Cleaning Brush is designed for the quick, simple and safe removal of compound residues from all foam machine polishing pads.

Constructed from rigid ABS plastic, designed to be tough enough to stand up to the rigours of day-to-day professional use, the Auto Finesse Pad Cleaning Brush features medium-stiff synthetic bristles to offer thorough surface contact and supreme deep-cleaning power, but without abrading or damaging the foam polishing face of your pad.

Developed specifically for use with our collection of foam Revitalise V2 Polishing Pads and Revitalise Spot Pads, this specially-contoured cleaning brush is the perfect detailing accessory for the periodic dry-scrubbing of clogged pads during all machine polishing stages. Offering a quick and simple safety measure to ensure that excess polish and compound residues never interfere with the goal of obtaining the best possible finish. 

Machine polishing is an advanced detailing process where we use abrasives to restore paintwork, remove defects and refine the surface down to a flawless, glossy finish. Keeping your machine polishing pads in the best possible condition for the entire duration of the process is a vital part of obtaining the best results. See our Basic Guide To Machine Polishing to learn more about the correction stages, and see how you can make your machine polishing more effective than ever before.

The Pad Cleaning Brush is also ideal for the final cleaning required after carrying out your machine polishing. In conjunction with a 1:10 dilution of Verso All Purpose Cleaner, this product can be utilised for safely removing wet and dry compound residue to prolong the life, and the usefulness, of your pads. For a full rundown on how to clean machine polishing pads, the most cost-effective way keeping them in the best condition for longer, check out our article – How To Keep Your Pads In Tip Top Condition.

The Pad Cleaning Brush makes the perfect addition to any comprehensive machine polishing setup and offers the ideal accessory for use with our Revitalise V2 System Compounds, Tripple All-in-One Polish, One Step All-in-One Compound and our MPX and DPX Dual Action Machine Polishers. 

Product Summary

  • Essential tool to aid in every machine polishing process
  • Constructed from rigid ABS plastic
  • Features medium-stiff synthetic bristles