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Snow foam designed specifically for the most effective pre-wash, ensuring a through clean before the main wash process. Please see our range of snow foam below.

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Professional-Grade Car Snow Foam from Auto Finesse!

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of getting your car gleaming. But it’s crucial to clean
your car safely using car detailing products that are kind to the paintwork. One of the most
important stages in car detailing and valeting is using snow foam to safely remove heavy
contamination before you contact wash your vehicle. Utilising the best car snow foam is
the most recommended way to pamper your paintwork by eliminating the risk of damaging
exterior surfaces in the wash stages.

Whether you are a car care enthusiast seeking the ultimate sparkle, a professional detailer
committed to providing the best service to your clients, or a detailing novice looking to
achieve the perfect shine, we can help you clean your car without inflicting unsightly
scratches and swirl marks.

Our Avalanche Snow Foam is the key to removing harmful soiling and heavy
contamination. The unique, citrus-infused formula lingers for longer on deep-clean
surfaces, ensuring that Avalanche Snow Foam safely breaks down dirt and grit, allowing it
to be quickly rinsed away. Avalanche Snow Foam is a heavy-hitting pre-cleaner that’s
tough on grime but remains kind to wax, ceramic, or sealant protection layers.

Uncover the Secret Behind Our Best-Selling Car Snow Foam and Ceramic Foam

Avalanche Snow Foam

Looking for effortless cleaning power? Our Avalanche Snow Foam makes your pre-wash stage easier and more effective than ever. No wonder we are recognised as one of the world’s leading suppliers of car cleaning products.

What makes our Avalanche Snow Foam the right choice?

  • Safely breaks down and lifts the most stubborn, stuck-on grit and grime
  • The thick foam is infused with citrus for the ultimate cleaning power
  • Creates a thick foam that lingers on car surfaces for longer
  • Eliminates the risk of inflicting scratches and swirl marks
  • Ensures the safest pre-wash prior to contact washing
  • Safe on all exterior vehicle surfaces
  • Wax, sealant and ceramic coating safe – will not strip protection layers

Lavish Ceramic Snow Foam

Lavish Ceramic Foam offers quick and easy Si02 protection from your Snow Foam Lance. This advanced ceramic coating product installs ultra-hydrophobic surface protection and long-lasting shine with nothing more than a spray and rinse. Extreme water behaviour and a showstopping finish you can apply in the wash stage.

What makes our Lavish Ceramic Snow Foam the ultimate in easy-to-use protection?

  • Easy to apply, spray-and-rinse ceramic coating
  • Ultra-hydrophobic SiO2-based formula
  • Offers extreme water beading and sheeting
  • Adds glass-like shine
  • Ideal for installing and topping up ceramic protection
  • Safe for use on all vehicle exterior surfaces
  • Installs up to 6-months of ceramic protection

Explore Our Snow Foam Collection to Find Your Perfect Match

At Auto Finesse, we’ll leave you spoiled for choice. Our range of car snow foam products to satisfy individual preferences for everyone form detailing novices and beginners to enthusiasts and trade professionals.

Avalanche Snow Foam is the ultimate pre-cleaning car snow foam that lingers on vehicle surfaces for longer to cut through harmful contamination. Avalanche Snow Foam is available in 500ml, 1L and 2.5L bottles, along with 5L trade-size containers. Choose between our Original Avalanche Snow Foam and Avalanche Bubblegum, and look out for selected, seasonal limited edition flavours.

Lavish Ceramic Foam offers ultra-hydrophobic protection in the wash stages. Use Lavish Ceramic Foam via our Snow Foam Lance to create a long-lasting barrier for the most extreme ceramic protection and water beading. Lavish is available in 500ml and 1L bottles, along with 5L trade-size containers.

If you are unsure about the perfect match to pamper your paintwork our Customer Service Team will be glad to assist you in making the right choice. Contact the team on

Snow Foam FAQs

1. Does snow foam actually work?

Yes, snow foam is an effective pre-wash product that helps loosen dirt and grime from your car surface, making it easier to rinse off during the wash process.

2. Should you put snow foam on a wet or dry car?

Snow foam should be applied to a dry car. Spraying it onto a wet surface creates a barrier between the foam and dirt, reducing its effectiveness and causing it to become diluted and runny.

3. Is snow foam better than car shampoo?

Snow foam and car shampoo serve different purposes and are often used together in a car washing routine. Snow foam is primarily used as a pre-wash to loosen dirt and grime before the main wash with car shampoo. While snow foam can help remove surface contaminants more effectively, car shampoo provides a deeper clean and helps to remove stubborn dirt and grease. For best results, it's recommended to use both in combination for a comprehensive car cleaning.

4. Do I need to wash the car after snow foam?

Yes, it's important to wash your car after applying snow foam. While snow foam helps loosen dirt and grime, it's not a substitute for a thorough wash with car shampoo and water. Washing your car after using snow foam ensures the removal of all loosened contaminants entirely, leaving your car clean and ready for detailing or waxing.

5. Is snow-foaming a car worth it?

Yes, snow-foaming a car is worth it as it helps to loosen dirt and grime from the surface, making the washing process more efficient and effective. It also reduces the risk of scratching the paint during washing by encapsulating dirt particles, resulting in a cleaner and shinier finish.

6. How long should you leave snow foam on?

Generally, it's advisable to leave the foam on for around 5 to 10 minutes to allow it to penetrate and loosen the dirt effectively. Then, rinse it all off with a regular lance back on your pressure washer.

7. Do you mix snow foam with water?

Yes, it’s important. Mix your snow foam liquid with some warm water in the lance bottle. How to mix Avalanche: Insert 800 ml of water into the lance and approximately 200 ml of the snow foam solution.

8. Does snow foam clean wheels?

Snow foam is designed to be applied to the car bodywork to loosen dirt and grime before the main wash. While it may help to remove some dirt from wheels, it's generally not as effective as using dedicated wheel cleaners due to the different types of contaminants typically found on wheels, such as brake dust and road grime. For ultimate results, experts recommend using a separate wheel cleaner specifically formulated to tackle these contaminants.