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Microfibre Towels & Cloths for every application, we have a towel for every car detailing task. Covering everything from the drying, to the polishing & interior too.

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Microfibre Towels – The Right Cloth For Every Detailing Task

Microfibre towels and cloths are essential accessories used in every stage of detailing from car washing and paintwork polishing to interior cleaning and final finishing. The most utilised detailing accessory of them all and a tool you’ll need for every single valet or detail, no matter your experience or skill level.

Modern synthetic microfibre towels for cars are constructed from a special blend of polyester and polyamide. They offer a large surface area made up of special micro fibres which latch on to grit and grime particles - along with wax and polish residues - locking them away deep within the material. Instead of moving potentially harmful particles around the surface and inflicting damage, microfibre towels physically glide over and pick them up, offering the ultimate in non-scratch cleaning and finishing. Microfibre cloths are also extremely absorbent making them essential for drying your car exterior without allowing surface damage from water impurities.

Here at Auto Finesse, we offer the most extensive range of general-use and premium microfibre towels available, with the addition of many specialist cloths designed for specific detailing tasks. These include specialist microfibre towels developed in-house for processes including streak-free glass cleaning, perfect paintwork finishing and the safest wax residue removal.

From detailing novices to trade professionals, we have the microfibre towels for cars that offer the best solution for every cleaning, correction and finishing process.

Features That Make Our Microfibre Cloths for Cars Indispensable Tools

Our microfibre towels and cloths have been specially selected, tested and developed by our team of professional detailers to be in a class of their own. Covering every possible detailing task, we only use premium microfibre material graded in various GSM weights. These are broken up into specific towels which best lend themselves to each process from cleaning, drying and finishing.

From ultra-plush, extremely high GSM microfibre towels geared towards softness and absorbency, which are ideal for drying your car and finishing paintwork. To general-purpose, scratch-free short pile microfibre cloths for cars that are perfect for cleaning, polishing and removing ceramic coating residues. From the materials we use, to the physical design of the weave and the cloth itself, we have your detail covered form start to finish.

When it comes to microfibre towels for cars we are go-to choice for detailing enthusiasts and trade professionals alike.

Take a look at the different types of microfibre cloths for cars in our range:

Microfibre Drying Towels – Effortless Drying and Safety

Unleash the superior drying magic of our microfibre drying towels. Characterised by ultra-dense, super-absorbent piles, our range of drying towels are not only large enough to dry a whole vehicle in one go, but they’ll do the job in next to no time at all. The choice of professionals and essential for every detailer.

It’s crucial to dry your car exterior after every wash because tap water contains numerous mineral impurities that, if left to dry naturally, will leave water spots behind. Absorbing these impurities while they’re still suspended in the water is the safest way to avoid water marks, streaks and the need for polishing away water marks later. This is why using one of our ultra-absorbent microfibre drying towels is a must for every single detail.

  • What sets our range of microfibre drying towels apart?
  • Ultra-high GSM, heavyweight plush microfibre material
  • An inner core that’s highly absorbent to soak up water
  • Safe on vehicles, leaves no scratches or marks on any exterior surface
  • Large dimensions - perfectly sized to cover at least one large vehicle in a single sitting
  • Machine stitched, non-scratch edging for maximum durability
  • Hand or machine washable
  • Suitable for any vehicle from cars and SUVs to vans, HGVs and even boats

Experience the power of quick, safe drying with our range of microfibre drying towels!

Microfibre Cloths for Cars – Gentle on Paintwork, Tough on Grime

Our microfibre Work Cloths are ideal for a multitude of cleaning tasks inside and out. The ideal accessory to complement to our spray-on cleaning products, and the professional choice for removing residues from machine polishing or ceramic coatings. Our general-purpose microfibre cloths for cars are designed for easy, scratch-free use, and maximum versatility.

Suitable for a whole range of cleaning processes, including all exterior and interior detailing and valeting, our hardwearing microfibre towels are the accessory you’ll use time and time again. They’re even soft and absorbent enough for cleaning, polishing and finishing sensitive areas.

Why choose our general-purpose microfibre cloths?

  • Extremely versatile from cleaning and dusting to polishing and residue removal
  • Suitable for all interior and exterior surfaces
  • Soft and absorbent short pile 400GSM microfibre material
  • Safe on all materials from paintwork and plastic to glass, cloth upholstery and leather
  • Complements spray-on detailing products
  • Non-scratch micro-suede edging
  • Large 400x400mm dimensions
  • Hand and machine washable

Shop the ideal accompaniment to our signature hard waxes and paint polishing items from Auto Finesse!

Microfibre Buffing Towels & Specialist Premium Microfibre Cloths

Take your auto detailing to a whole new level with our premium microfibre towels. Whether it’s finishing the most pampered paintwork to perfection, the ultimate in streak-free glass-cleaning or the safest wax residue removal, we have you covered with our range of premium microfibre towels.

Here at Auto Finesse we understand that the design of our microfibre cloths is just as important as the premium microfibre material used in their construction. Over the years we’ve developed a full range of premium microfibre towels with specialist designs used to complement and enhance specific detailing tasks. These include ultra-high GSM, plush microfibre buffing towels – such as our Primo Plush and Ultra Plush Microfibre Towels - that are ideal for finishing sensitive surfaces and soaking up cream and liquid finishing products. Along with those with specialist microfibre weaves such as our Micro Tweed Buffing Cloth that contains pockets to prevent clogging when removing wax residues. And our Superior Waffle which is not only absorbent but locks away grit and grime on your vehicle glass for a superior finish. We have a specialist microfibre cloth to push your detailing to new heights.

Why pick or premium microfibre towels for cars?

  • Premium materials developed for the best finish every time
  • Developed in-house by professional detailers
  • A range that covers the most specialist detailing processes
  • The plushest and safest to use microfibre cloths on the market
  • Hand and machine washable

Detailing Kit – Get A Wide Variety With Our Comprehensive Accessories Selection

Whether you’re a detailing novice, a dedicated auto enthusiast or a seasoned professional valeter we all know having a wide selection of detailing microfibre towels is essential for success in various tasks in and around any car. So, why not kickstart your detailing success with a whole collection of the best microfibre cloths, all from one place?

Our Accessories Selection is a versatile detailing kit that contains all the essentials. This comprehensive collection includes a stack of general-use microfibre cloths for cleaning, along with plenty of specialist premium towels for glass and paintwork, and not forgetting one of our premium drying towels, too. Here we have all the cloths you need to complete a multitude of detailing processes safely and effectively, all in one kit.

But that’s not all, our Accessories Selection also includes a professional wash mitt and whole range of applicators for your favourite detailing products – the best products for the best application of everything from waxes and tyre dressings to polishes and paint sealants.

It doesn’t matter if you’re making your first foray into the world of detailing, or simply bolstering your detailing product collection, our Accessories Selection has been specially-selected to give you everything you need for every detail.

Maintain the Plushness of Your Microfibre Towels for Cars with Micro Wash

Keep your precious microfibre cloths like new and reuse them time and time again. Microfibre cloths are not only an essential tool in the detailing arsenal, but an investment in your future details, too. Cleaning and revitalising your microfibre accessories effectively is a concern for every detailer, but we’ve made the process straightforward and cost effective with Micro Wash Microfibre Detergent.

Specifically developed to release ingrained grit, grime and residues from the fibres in your microfibre towels, Micro Wash not only cleans, it actively maximises the plushness and absorbency of the material keeping your essential accessories ready for action every time your detail.

Micro Wash is the professional solution for hand or machine washing all microfibre detailing towels, restoring their condition and prolonging their usable lifespan.

Shop Microfibre Towels with Auto Finesse!

Pamper your ride with the best microfibre cloth available. From drying towels and buffing cloths, to cleaning cloths and premium finishing towels, Auto Finesse is a one-stop shop for the best microfibre accessories on the market. Everything your pampered pride and joy deserves and much, much more.


1. What is microfibre towel used for?

Microfibre towels are crafted for vehicle care. Super absorbent and gentle on car paint, they are perfect for washing and drying automobiles without
disappointing anyone with scratches and swirl marks. While polishing interior surfaces, including the dashboard and instrument panel, they prove handy.

2. Is microfibre cloth better than cotton?

Of course, microfibre cloths perform better than cotton ones. They have superior absorbency, are soft and produce scratch-free results. Furthermore, they are long-lasting and are available in various types to simplify a wide range of cleaning chores. They are designed specifically for cleaning and detailing cars with ultra-fine synthetic fibres to trap more liquid than cotton cloths would ever do.

3. Are microfibre cloths 100% cotton?

No, they are not items made of pure cotton. They constitute synthetic materials, mostly a blend of nylon and polyester. It is exactly what makes them highly absorbent, lint-free and soft, with no risk of scratches. The most versatile microfibre cloth available at our shop is the work cloth trio . It’s ideal for all cleaning types.

4. Which type of microfibre cloth is best for cars?

Think about the task you will be tackling. If it’s for general washing and drying, get microfibre wash mitts and short nap drying towels. If it’s for detailing, grab a medium-nap towel and a glass microfibre cloth.

5. Do microfibre cloths scratch car paint?

As long as the microfibre cloths are high-quality, they will never leave scratches on car paint. In fact, they are specifically meant for car washing and drying. The soft fibres comprising them absorb water to cause no abrasion. Worry not; you
have our collection of microfibre cloths, towels and accessories to cover all your detailing tasks.

6. How do I choose a microfibre towel for my car?

Factors like GSM (grams per square metre) and fabric blend determine the right choice in microfibre towels. While a higher GSM makes a towel more plush and thicker, the fabric blend factor speaks volumes about quality, softness and absorbency. Consider both when finalising your choice.

7. When purchasing microfibre cloth, how many should I buy?

It’s entirely dependent on your plan. Usually, two microfibre cloths prove ideal for basic washing and more for detailing tasks. The idea is to separate cloths for diverse car cleaning tasks. It’s why we feature a pack of three work cloths to cover a huge variety of detailing tasks.

8. Is it fine if I dry my car using a microfibre towel?

Of course, it’s fine. As a matter of fact, it’s the standardised approach to achieving a mirror-like finish on your automobile. Since microfibre drying towels are super-absorbent, soft and lint-free, they soak up surface moisture in no time and leave behind no water spots. Try our silk drying towels made from twist-loop microfibre for efficient absorption without causing abrasion on the

9. How is your microfibre buffing towel different from others?

It’s ultra plush, weighing 800 GSM and promises the best outcome when used alongside spray waxes and detailers. If you want your car surface perfectly
buffed without leaving behind a single stroke of scratch, this one will take care of everything.

10. Can I use microfibre cloths and microfibre towels interchangeably?

Yes, but only if your purpose is general cleaning. They are only dissimilar in terms of size and intention. However, the differences are not very standardised.