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Clean and protect new wheels before putting them on your car -
5 min read Tuesday 11 August 2020

Clean and protect new wheels before putting them on your car


There are few things in life more exciting that bolting on a brand-new set of wheels… here at AF we actually live for that feeling. But wait, although we totally understand that it's hard to hold on for any longer, here's how you can keep them protected with our Caramics Wheel Protection Kit right from the off, and make them far easier to clean on your next maintenance wash…


You can do this on new wheels straight out of the box or after your tyres have been fitted. The most important thing is to ensure they're clean of dirt, dust and all traces of tyre soap.

Inspect your wheels for any defects or major scratches in the finish that will need to be corrected before coating, the best way to know for sure is by using a direct light source.

Even if there's no defects to correct, on gloss finishes a light polish with Tripple as a matter of course will cleanse the surface and remove any minor scratches and swirl marks from storage. Generally, you'll only need to do this on the faces and lips. Be sure to buff away any left-over residue.

Start with the faces by spraying on some Prep Spray to create the perfect surface for bonding. This will eliminate any oils or residues left on the surface. Wipe dry with a clean microfibre.

Now you can liberally apply your Caramics Wheel Coating over the whole face and lip.

Work the Wheel Coating into the surface with a Micro Wipe applicator, ensuring even coverage all round. Make sure you spread the coating into every nook.

Using a fresh microfibre cloth carry out a final buff, using a light source to make sure that all residue is removed.

As the wheels haven't been fitted to the car yet, it's the perfect time to protect the barrels. Finish your wheels by repeating the process on all four inner barrels. Now leave them inside for at least 6 hours to cure before exposing them to the elements.

If your tyres are being fitted afterwards, take your Prep Spray with you. Caramics Wheel Coating is designed to stop things from bonding, so you'll need a quick wipe of Prep Spray on the areas where balancing weights will be stuck on.


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