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Finale and Glisten: the differences -
5 min read Monday 27 January 2020

Finale and Glisten: the differences

This is a question our customers ask us a lot here at Auto Finesse: "what's the difference between the Finale quick detailer and Glisten spray wax products?". Well, allow us to explain:

Firstly, both products are "finishers' - the products you choose as a final touch to a detail - but they both feature their own individual uses and finishes.

Finale is a quick detailer. Its water-based unique solution can be used to finish off paintwork in order to buff it to its best, removing water marks, towel residue left behind by previous detailing stages, as well as removing any left over product residue. Think of Auto Finesse Finale literally perfecting all the effort and time spent during the previous detailing stages. There's no protection in the way of durability and should only be used as a very final quick perfecter. Say you'd spent hours detailing your car ready for a show but you have to drive it a short distance to gain entry to said show, Finale is the perfect product to bring back the previously-achieved finish. Finale is safe to use on very minimal dirt. Do not use on heavy dirt or grime in which you can see surface grit or particles that could cause marring on contact. You can also use Finale as a drying companion, as it assists in the drying process to make it quicker and easier to get a streak-free finish. To apply Finale, spray a fine mist onto one section at a time and spread over the panel using a plush microfibre towel, turn over or re-fold the towel to reveal a clean, dry side, and gently buff until the finish is clear.

Glisten is an advanced spray wax and should be treated as such. It's a solvent-based solution that also acts like a finishing product but, unlike Finale, it features durability of 3-5 weeks and a high-gloss finish to go with it. Glisten can be used as a top-up to previously-applied protection layers or it can be used as a show finisher or as a way to return the vehicle to previously-applied hard wax finishes. Think of Glisten as an added top coat. Do not use Auto Finesse Glisten Spray Wax on any level of dirt - Glisten is to be used on a clean car only. Glisten is also great for reaching the intricate areas that a hard wax and applicator duo struggle to reach, ensuring every inch of your vehicle is protected. To apply Glisten, ensure the vehicle is clean and dry, then spray a light mist over approximately half a panel at a time, then spread with a fresh microfibre towel and buff off to a high-gloss shine.

Do not apply either of the above mentioned products in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Well, there are your differences.

If you have any additional questions or suggestions, please drop us an email at

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Auto Finesse Media Team


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