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How to Snow Foam in 6 steps:

The snow foam stage is the most important first step to any detail. Professional detailers swear by the prep stages and the snow foam stage is where you’ll rid the vehicle of the loose particles that can incur swirl marks to paint surfaces. Using a snow foam correctly can help ensure that you don’t induce swirl marks during the contact wash process and help maintain your detailing efforts for longer. A good snow foam will feature ingredients that penetrate baked-on dirt or grime, while being gentle on paint. Take our renowned snow foam Avalanche; it’s a two-part formulation which features an active citrus cleaner and a foaming agent which acts as its carrier becoming active once mixed with water. Avalanche achieves a very high level of cleaning power while maintaining a pH-neutral chemical strength that’s kind on paint.

Step 1:

Set up your snow foam lance. How to mix snow foam: Insert 800ml of water into the lance and the 200ml required snow foam solution.

Step 2:

Spray an even layer of snow foam over the vehicle, covering it from head to toe. To the front of the foam gun is an adjustable fan - we recommend keeping it around the midway point for maximum coverage.

Step 3:

Allow the snow foam to dwell for several minutes, penetrating baked-on road dirt and ridding the vehicle of any loose debris that may incur swirl marks to painted surfaces. Leave the product on the car as long as you can, without it drying out. AF TOP TIP: This is a great time to go and fill up your buckets ready for the two-bucket contact wash stage.

Step 4:

Jet wash the entire vehicle (working from top to bottom) with fresh, clean water.

Step 5:

Once the vehicle is completely rinsed of snow foam solution, you’re now ready to begin your contact wash stage using the aforementioned two-bucket method.

Everyone’s foaming rates will slightly differ, which can be down to a number of factors including water pressure in your area, the pressure from your specific pressure washer (pump capacity varies massively), as well as what snow foam you’re using and dilution ratio. As long as the activated product comes into contact with the vehicle, it will work.

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