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Introducing: Radiance -
5 min read Monday 17 July 2017

Introducing: Radiance

If you're not a huge fan of the consistency of hard-waxes, then our Radiance Carnauba Crème is the product to go for. Its specially-formulated formula offers the same deep wet-look shine that our hard-wax collection offers but in an easier-to-use cream solution.

Auto Finesse has developed this cream as an easier way of getting the look that a hard wax gives you, along with up to three months of durable protection. It is packed with natural T1-grade carnauba wax, meaning it's gentle enough to use on all kinds of paintwork. It's also suitable and effective on all colours of paint and finishes, including light and dark paints, metallic, as well as solid colours.

Our Radiance Carnauba Crème is so easy to apply. Before use of any wax products, make sure to wash and thoroughly dry your vehicle. It's wise to run your hand over the paint work (if you put a rubber glove on, you'll get a better feel of the paint's surface) to see if there are any imperfections to the paint. If there are, these are best to be removed before adding any protection, as they'll be left in the paintwork to fester and penetrate it deeper, opening the paint's surface up to potential rust or other issues. Once you're happy with the paintwork, apply a small amount (about the size of a 10p) to a foam or microfibre applicator pad and work into the paintwork a panel at a time, making sure to overlap each area in a circular motion. Once every panel is covered, then go back to your first panel and buff off using a fresh microfibre towel. Go around the vehicle the same way you did to apply the cream, for best results.

Radiance Carnauba Crème is available in 500ml.

AF's quick tips:

Lasts for up to three months.

Non-abrasive formula.

Easy on, easy off application.

Made with pure, natural T1 Carnauba wax.

Do not apply in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.


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