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5 min read Friday 07 February 2020


Paint correction is a staple stage in a thorough detail and that's where our One Step all-in-one paint correction compound comes in. Developed specifically for use with a Dual-Action Machine Polisher, One Step features the cut level of a medium to coarse compound that finishes down to a near-perfect finish. It begins as a heavy cut compound and uses its own abrasives to break down to a refining polish, all in one, enabling you to effectively restore paintwork and remove swirls in one easy step. It doesn't feature fillers or gimmicks - the finish you see at the end is the true finish.

What's different about One Step is that the particles break down much quicker than other compounds - thanks to those active diminishing abrasives. It would take a very heavy abrasive one or two polishing sets to break it down to a finishing grade stage. Before you begin any machine polishing, ensure you're starting with a clean car and mask up any rubbers or window surrounds. A yellow Revitalise No:2 pad and the DPX dual action machine polisher is the perfect two-some for One-Step, but do ensure you prime or pre-lubricate any brand new polishing pads. Just one spray of Auto Finesse Pad Prime will do it, then just add three blobs of One Step to the pad and flip the machine polisher onto the paintwork. Turn it down the speed 1 and turn the machine on, spreading the product out onto a 2sq. ft area. The idea of spreading it out over a specific area is to get an even spread of cutting compound, to ensure the level of abrasive is the same across the whole area. Now to start working the compound in; set the DPX to speed 4 and turn the machine on. Add a light amount of downward pressure and, using a crosshatch motion, snake down the area from left to right and then right to left. Ensure to perform this stage twice over. Remove the pad from the paint and clean the pad out with pad cleaning brush or compressed air if available. Go back to the panel that still has product on it, turn down to speed 3 and repeat cross hatching twice over. Then simply buff the product off using a Work Cloth to reveal the final results.

When you're done polishing for the day, take pad No:2 to the sink and wash out thoroughly and allow to air dry. Afterwards follow with Caramics paintwork protection kit. It's very important to remember this step. Cleaning pads after any compound use is vital to remove any heavy abrasive left from a previous set before starting a new set. The heavy abrasives cut through paint, which doesn't just vanish when you polish; it goes into cutting compound that's in the particle size distribution (PSD). To make One Step finish as efficiently as possible, it's important to clean your pad out half way through the area you're polishing to remove any broken down lacquer that may build up in the pad.

One Step is not to be used by hand - it's made with diminishing abrasives that, due to the abrasive's individual particle size, needs the machine polisher to fully break it down.

One Step is not a replacement for our Revitalise full paintwork restoration three-step system - it's simply for people without the time to spend more than two days machine polishing their car.

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Auto Finesse Media Team


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