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The All Purpose Dressing  -
5 min read Wednesday 09 August 2017

The All Purpose Dressing

We thought we'd focus on one of our more understated products; Dressle, for this week's product piece. Dressle is classed as a trim dressing, but it can be used in a whole manner of ways. Let us explain...

Auto Finesse Dressle is a highly versatile, all-purpose dressing, which can be used on both the exterior and the interior of the car. It has a liquid consistency, which is dry-touch water-based and can be sprayed directly onto the surface of any plastic surfaces, rubber trims, and even the engine bay! It's particularly good on honeycomb grilles, as it gets into the nooks and crannies well - it's that versatile! It can also be applied using one of our applicator pads or cloth (depending on what area of the vehicle you're trying to dress).

Dressle leaves a non-sticky finish, leaving a natural sheen, which is perfect for an understated clean look. It also features UV inhibitors which help blacks stay black, helping to prevent fading.

The resourceful dressing features a spray on and walk away application if using it as a protectant. Just dose the surface with a few light mists and leave to cure, depending on what area of the vehicle you're using it on. For use on interior plastics, vinyl or rubber, just apply 1-3 light mists of the product to a Microfibre applicator and gently work the product into the surface much like you would a quick detailer. Dressle will set after a few hours, adding extra protection to your vehicle. If you're using Dressle on your engine bay, make sure the engine bay is clean first. Spray liberally all over engine plastics it's also gentle enough to use on painted and metal parts, too. Then leave to dry for 4-6 hours and simply wipe off any excess after this curing time. You can do the same for wheels, too, adding another level of protection.

Dressle is available as a 500ml bottle for £11.95 and contains no waxes, oils, or petroleum distillates.

AF's quick tips:

Versatile all-purpose dressing for exterior and interior vehicle trims.

Water based. Features no wax, oil or petroleum distillates.

Active UV inhibitors help to prevent trims from fading.

Works particularly well on engine bays.

Can be sprayed directly to surface or applied via a pad or cloth.

Spray on and walk away.


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