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Snow foam is used at the very start of any detail and is one of the most important aspects of the prep stage. The snow foam pre-wash is a two-part formulation which has a citrus-based cleaner and a foaming agent acting as its carrier. It applies as a thick foam and is an essential stage prior to any contact wash to collect and remove any loose dirt that may otherwise be swirled around by a wash mitt. The more time spent in the prep stages, the less damage a detail will inflict on paintwork. It’ll also save you time during the latter stages. It’s at this stage where you rid your car of the most swirl-inducing threats.

How a foam lance works?

A snow foam lance activates the cleaning and carrier properties of a good snow foam before it even comes into contact with a vehicle. The foaming agent (carrier) becomes active when pressurised with water. The pressure of the water then creates a vacuum siphon filter in the snow foam lance that draws the product up and out of the bottle to mix with the pressure washer’s flow of water to activate its foaming capability and cleaning properties, coating the vehicle thoroughly in an evenly distributed hue of product. On the foam gun itself is a fan to the front which can be adjusted to personal preference (we suggest mid-way to gain maximum coverage).

Set up step 1:

Wind PTFE tape around your adapter thread

Step 2:

Twist the adapter onto the black adapter part male to male thread and add your pressure washer adapter to the specific pressure washer you're using

Step 3:

Attach clear pick up tube to the base of the lance.

Step 4:

Make sure all connections are tight before inserting 800ml of water and adding 200ml of snow foam solution into the lance. Putting the product into your snow foam lance before water will mean it’ll activate too soon.

Step 5:

Check that the foam is coming out as it should and apply a consistent and even layer to the entire vehicle.

If your snow foam lance becomes less effective i.e. it doesn't work as well or it stops working completely unscrew the nozzle end and use a long thin tool to remove the gauze (the little piece that helps the water and snow foam mix to foam) and let it soak in some white vinegar to clean it. You can also buy replacement gauze if it's too far gone.

That's our set-up guide for our snow foam lance. If you've got any other questions about this process or fancy us covering another aspect of detailing for you, let us know at

You can find out more about snow foam here.