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Auto Finesse wax range: explained -
5 min read Wednesday 14 June 2017

Auto Finesse wax range: explained

It can be confusing when there is more than one product you think does that same thing. Well, Auto Finesse is guilty of having more than one wax in its portfolio of products. And, they may all be waxes, but they are all individually tailored to suit different needs. Not every car's paintwork is the same, it may be a different strength of paint, it may be a different colour, or you might just want a different finish when you've applied your wax.

Whatever your needs, we have you covered! Waxes are expensive and, believe it or not, we don't want you forking out for the wrong product. We'd rather you get it right and keep coming back for more. So, we thought we'd explain each one of our waxes in detail, so you get exactly what you want. In no particular order, first up is:



Fusion wax has been designed for people that want the look and finish a wax gives, but want the durability of a sealant. This hybrid concoction can be used on any paint colours or finishes and will (depending on the amount of coats you apply) give you more of a wet-look finish, with the longevity of that synonymous with using a sealant. It is formulated from a blend of carnauba wax and polymers and offers high levels of water beading, with an easy on/off application process. Fusion features 4-6 months' worth of durability.



Illusion wax is made up of 48% T1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax, with the rest consisting of synthetic polymers and high-shine oils. Illusion is known as our "show wax', it isn't as durable as some of our other waxes, but it does provide the best possible shine from one hit, leaving behind a dripping-wet finish. It can be used on all colours, but is most effective on metallics. It has a longevity period of around 2-3 months. And, if all that wasn't enough, it smells like strawberry-liquorice. Lush.



If you're running something vintage complete with a solid hue, or you have a light-coloured car, then Soul is the one for you. The carnauba-based wax features highly-reflective visual dynamics, offering up a glass-like finish to the most difficult of colours. Even the palest hues burst into life with a natural glossy glow. Soul contains 33% T1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax by volume, with the remainder being made up by all natural Beeswax, Candelilla wax, and oils. You're looking at around 3 months of durability with this one. Oh, and it smells of mango!



Passion is our second wax that's specifically designed for vintage paint types. The Passion 45%-based carnauba car wax is a professional-grade "hard' wax that has been formulated for vintage, cellulose and high-solid paint types. Infused with paint-nourishing oils, this wax brings a top-quality level of gloss and depth to older paint jobs. Passion in the name, passion in the scent, too. Capable of protection for up to 4 months (possibly more, if you layer it up).



Essence is our first in our "all-rounders' line-up. Containing 40% T1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax by volume, with the remainder being made up of synthetic polymers, and gloss-intensifying oils, Essence has a durability level of up to 3 months. Our all-rounders are suitable to use on any paint or wrap surface, so if you have more than one car, this or Temptation (our second all-rounder) are the perfect wax options. Blueberry scent.



Temptation is our second all-rounder wax in our range. It's our entry level carnauba wax and creates a flawless finish across all paintworks for a very affordable price tag. Again, if you happen to detail a number of vehicles, this would be one of the ones we would recommend to you. Temptation contains 28% T1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax by volume, with the remainder being made up by all natural Beeswax, and oils, creating a finish that is warm with a subtle, classy glow to light and dark colours alike. It features 2 months' durability and a sweet pineapple scent.



Desire is our natural carnauba flagship wax. This mixture is something we're very proud of. Hand-blended in the UK, Desire contains 54% T1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax, along with natural beeswax and oils that treats vehicles with nature's-own defence against everyday elements such as acid rain, bird dropping, and it helps to prevent UV-fading. Depending on the amount of layers you apply, a high-shine finish can be achieved, along with up to 6 months of durability, thanks to its ultra-high wax solids content, all lovingly finished off with the smell of wild berry.



Spirit is our wax that has been designed with metallic pearlescent paints in mind. Spirit enhances the small metallic flecks to the finish of those paints. Blended with natural waxes and oils, including 50% T1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax, Spirit's visual clarity, crispness, and gloss makes pearl and metallic paints truly sparkle. While creating this finish, it offers protection of up to 6 months, depending on how many layers you apply. Scent = apple.



Mint Rims wheel wax is created from a blend of high-temperature synthetic waxes and fast-flashing solvent carriers, protecting your wheels with durable synthetic waxes and keeping them in "mint' condition. This blend of ingredients helps to seal your wheels from hot, corrosive brake dust and oxidation. Mint Rims provides 2-3 months' durability, on average, and can be used on any wheel finish including painted, powder-coated, clear coat, anodised, chrome, and bare-polished alloys.

Auto Finesse consistently strives to be the best car wax UK. Each one is carefully blended by hand in Great Britain and treats your vehicle with nature's own defence against the elements, giving it water repellency and resistance to environmental pollution (Including UV-fading, acid rain, and bird droppings.). Each of our paint waxes comes in a 150g tin. Our wheel wax is available as a 100ml measuring.


If wax has dried, or "secondary hazing' of the wax occurs (can sometimes happen in hot or humid climates), use a quick detailer to soften the residue aiding in easy removal. It's important to wait at least 3 hours in between layers of wax. Do not wax the vehicle if temperature is below 6 degrees Celsius, or above 35 degrees Celsius. Waxing in direct sunlight, or conditions of high humidity can lead to over or under-curing of the product before removal.


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