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Porsche Wrap -
5 min read Sunday 27 October 2019

Porsche Wrap


Ahead of this year's Wörthersee show (2019), we decided to put Identity Wraps through their paces by commissioning not one wrap but two wraps; one for the Auto Finesse Porsche Carrera 911GTS and one for our awesome recovery truck.

In order to make the AF fleet look the part for the official-not-so-official Auto Finesse Wörthersee Tour, as well as the official Wörthersee 2019 show (of course), we thought we'd shake up the fleet with some new designs. We decided to design a Martini-inspired race livery for the Porsche, along with a race-inspired livery matching our fleet Volkswagen Golf Mk2 for the Truck.

Design designed… it was over to Identity Wraps to get them both done in time; it's safe to say that they did an awesome job and with the tight timeframe too! They both turned out awesomely, both featuring one of the Auto Finesse staple colours; teal.

One of our favourite products to use on wraps is the Auto Finesse Glisten Spray Wax. It's advanced spray wax formula has been specially formulated with an easy-use, spray and wipe application process, which is ideal for when you're perhaps running short on time or in order to treat any hard to reach areas that are difficult to get to with our traditional applicator-applied hard waxes. Glisten Spray Wax The solution is gentle enough for use on all paint finishes, as well as matte paint and wrap.

Before application, ensure the vehicle has been cleaned and decontaminated thoroughly. Spray over a light mist to approximately half a panel at a time, work a microfibre towel into the solution and lightly buff to reveal a high-gloss shine finish.

A huge thanks to Identity Wraps for pulling out all the stops to get them both finished!

If you want more info on cleaning your matt wrap Check out our piece on how to thoroughly clean matte paint and wraps, here.


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