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Project 80's - BBS Mk2 Golf -
5 min read Monday 26 December 2016

Project 80's - BBS Mk2 Golf

When it comes to custom and modified Mk2's, ideas come in all shapes and sizes. But for some, you just happen to come across that gem - this 1988 MK2 Golf GTi BBS Edition was exactly that. It's not every day that you'll come across a genuine from factory BBS Mk2 Golf GTi body, especially in a 3 door form, and in good condition, factory paint and not a body repair in sight! - Say hello to Project 80's.

The plan for the Golf was a simple one, but one that has made this car iconic in its own rights within the car community. The build started with the idea of giving the heart from a later Mk4 Golf GTi 1.8T, but this soon got way past this, with its full carbon decorations, flushed engine bay, upgraded turbo to the K03s model, a full 3" turbo back Miltek System and 4-branch manifold.

To get the body-kit on the floor, we knew it had to run an air suspension system, so for the ease and flexibility we went for the Airlift V2 system, with its presets and management, it was the perfect answer. - But what wheels would suit a 1988 BBS Car It has to be a set of iconic E-Series Magnesium BBS Wheels, the e50's were the best choice. We had them face mounted to give it that authentic motorsport look, something we thought suits this build perfectly, twinned with the low-ride aesthetics we were able to get the wheel & body kit combo perfectly in sync achieve a very laid-out MK2 golf.

We went for a little Auto Finesse flare on the lower half of the door and quarter panel. This 80's inspired design gives the car even more of a retro feel to tie in the whole look, watch out though, we have a tendency to switch it up every few shows!

Now for the interior, of course, it had to be tweed... This houndstooth black & red material supplied from the guys at Harris Tweed is perfect to match the red GTi accents throughout the rest of the car, but stitched to these Recaro fishnets it brings its all back to that 80's vibe we've been going for, with additionals like the BBS Steering wheel and OEM electronic gauges in the dash pods playing their part too.


VW Golf Mk2 - 1.8 20vTAGU engine, Full Miltek exhaust system with 3" turbo back and 4-branch manifold, K03s Turbo


VW 02J 5-Speed Gearbox, Solid Driveshafts, VR6 Clutch and flywheel

Suspension & Brakes

Airlift V2 Performance Struts, g60 Brake set-up with grooved discs

Wheels & Tires

BBS E50 3-Piece magnesium splits - Face mounted, 16x8-inch (front) 16x8.5-inch (rear), Nankang 195/45/R16


Original factory paint, Original BBS car, with 3 door Body Kit, Zender double spoiler


Harris tweed trimmed Recaro fishnet seats, Original BBS steering wheel


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