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The Caramics range explained -
5 min read Monday 20 January 2020

The Caramics range explained

Introducing the Auto Finesse Caramics range. The brand new specially-developed ceramic resin coating system has every aspect of your vehicle covered. From paint, to glass, wheels, leather and fabric - protect all your vehicle surfaces with unrivalled ease of application and up to 12 months' worth of protection.

Each area has its own dedicated kit, with its own protective solution that has been specially developed for that surface. There's an individual kit for paintwork, glass, wheels and interior, which are all available to purchase individually, as well as part of the Caramics package deal.

The range has been specifically developed for longevity and intensive performance in order to ensure protection throughout the year and throughout any deep-clean details during that time, as well as any long periods where the vehicle may be sitting for a while. The Caramics range is perfect for any type of vehicle, including cars and motorbikes. If for example you tuck your bike or classic car away for the winter months, it makes the ideal maintenance product.

First up is the Caramics Paintwork Protection Kit. Priced at £49.95, this kit offers everything required to protect your vehicle's delicate paintwork. Before application, read all instructions thoroughly and ensure the vehicle is clean, dry and free from any contaminants. We strongly recommend clay barring and polishing the vehicle prior to application. Applied via an easy-wipe system, the Caramics ceramic resin wipes make the coating application simple. The wipes are pre-coated with the solution to ensure that the correct amount of product is applied to each area - all you have to do is wipe, transferring the coating from the wipe to the surface, avoiding any cross contamination and resulting in 12 months' worth of protection for your paintwork.

The incorporated ceramic resin technology bonds to paintwork offering unrivalled protection, beading and easy-clean properties designed to protect and add sustainability to your detail. The kit contains 2 x 100ml Prep-Wipes and 8 x Ceramic Resin Wipes, along with protective gloves and a full instruction guide.

Next up is the Caramics Glass Protection Kit. Priced at £29.95, this kit offers everything required for the ultimate protection of glass surfaces, such as windows, windscreen, and mirrors. The Caramics Glass Protection Kit is the ultimate in long-lasting hydrophobic coatings for exterior automotive glass and windscreens, offering an easy-clean and rain repellent coating for better vision in all weather conditions. Included is 1 x 100ml bottle of Glass Polish and 6 x Glass Coating Wipes, as well as 1 x 100ml bottle of Residue Remover, protective gloves and full application instructions.

Before application, read all included instructions carefully and ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from any contaminants. It may be an idea to clay bar glass surfaces to ensure there's nothing embedded that is invisible to the naked eye. If you're unsure, put on a latex glove and run your fingers over the surface. The Caramics Glass Protection Kit offers up to 12 months durability.

Then there's the Caramics Wheel Protection Kit, which is priced at £29.95. This kit offers a simple spray and wipe application. Included is everything you need for the ultimate wheel protection; future washes will be tackled with ease thanks to the unrivalled level of protection offered against road grime, brake dust and dirt. The Caramics wheel sealant system offers long-lasting ceramic protection for all wheel finishes, from powder coated to diamond cut satin/matte and high polished metals - keeping your wheels looking mint for longer.

Before you begin, read the instructions carefully and make sure wheels are thoroughly clean, dry, cool and out of direct sunlight. Included in the kit is 1 x 100ml bottle of Prep-Wipe, 1 x 100ml bottle of Wheel Coating Spray, 4 x Micro-Wipe Applicators, protective gloves, along with comprehensive step-by-step instructions. Use as instructed for up to 12 months durability.

And, lastly, the Caramics Interior Protection Kit. £34.95 will get you everything you need for high professional-grade detailing results and long-lasting ceramic protection for your interior. You can even use it on leather! It features a built-in repellent for potential accidents that may cause stains, an anti-dye stain technology to help maintain your interior's finish with ease, while making it easy to clean and maintain. In the kit you'll find 1 x 100ml bottle of Prep-Wipe, 1 x 100ml bottles of Fabric Protector and 1 x 100ml bottle of Carpet Protector, 1 x 100ml Leather Spray, along with 4 Micro-Wipe Applicators, protective gloves and instructions on how to use.

Before using the easy spray and wipe system, make sure your interior is clean, dry and free of any contaminants. Up to 12 months protection and durability guaranteed.

All Auto Finesse Caramics car detail protection kits are available to purchase individually, as well as part of the Caramics Complete Protection Kit deal; where you can get all kits for £139.95.

Applicable to all Caramics kits, DO NOT apply in direct sunlight or to a hot car, DO NOT leave the coating to cure for longer than the specified time, DO NOT apply to a wet vehicle, and finally DO NOT apply to any other surface than stated on each individual kit.

If you have any questions at all on the Caramics systems or any of our other car detailing products, get in touch at

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Auto Finesse Media Team



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