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Tom Inskips MK1 Ford Escort -
5 min read Saturday 21 April 2018

Tom Inskips MK1 Ford Escort

We took a trip up to Rugby, Warwickshire to visit our brand ambassador Tom Inksip and his stunning Mk1 Ford Escort.

So first of all, tell us a little about your car?

The car is a 1972 Mk1 Ford Escort 1100L base model running air ride suspension with accuser management, 4 Linked, retried interior act, and a1300 crossflow engine running at around 80bhp.

We're well aware that there's an interesting story to this car, can you tell us more?

Well, I bought it as my first car. It had one previous owner - an older gentleman - who used it as his daily until he, unfortunately, became too ill to drive it. I purchased it off of eBay for £2500, which, even then, is an absolute steal. It did need a little TLC, though. My dad and I fitted new Mexico wings to make room for the fitment of bigger, for example, as well as replacing the front panel with a new one and respraying the whole thing. That was actually my first ever practice spray job. I started getting it lower to the ground through trial and error of various methods (lowering springs, de-camber leaf springs etc.) but that didn't quite work for me as I wanted it lower but still drivable, so it had to be air ride - an Airlift Performance and Accuair set up, to be exact.

Sounds like you've done a fair bit of work already, but do you have any future plans for it… that you can share, of course?

I'm looking to fit a new engine at some point in the near future, as well as another repaint - the paintwork is five years old now and it's starting to show its age.

Finally, we have to ask - what's your favourite product to use from the AF range?

I'd say it would be Satin and Radiance. Satin tyre dressing because it's super easy to use and doesn't sling and Radiance because, again, it's easy to use and is perfect for when you want protection, but haven't got the time to apply a harder wax!

We reckon that's enough talking, we'll leave you to enjoy the photo set and video footage below of our visit:


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