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Cars & Coffee with SlammedUK -

Cars & Coffee with SlammedUK

Tuesday 06 July 2021

We love a posh coffee, and we're partial to the odd cool car, too. So, here's all the action from the latest SlammedUK Coffee Morning. Enjoy!

We love a posh coffee here at Auto Finesse and, as you may have gathered, we're pretty keen on awesome cars, too. So, what can possibly be better than getting our fix of both at the same time? Nothing… except of course, when we get to bring along a stand, break out our legendary E28 M535i and be there to dish out the detailing products…

Even though there's only been a couple thus far, the SlammedUK Coffee Mornings are fast becoming an institution in the Southeast. taking place at the massive Colchester Park and Ride on the first Sunday of every month, the laid-back atmosphere seems to sit somewhere between a full-on car show and an old skool cruise. Only, as the name suggests, it's limited to a few hours in the morning, organised to perfection by the guys at SlammedUK, and loads the cars seem to be prepped and detailed as if they're at a show for the whole weekend.

The idea is very simple though - everyone's invited. It's first come first served, too. You simply show up and are greeted with a whole load of amazing cars, top traders, live music, food stands, and of course, the opportunity to sip some properly posh, barista-prepared coffee - you know, the real gourmet stuff. Suffice to say that the carpark gets rammed to the hilt pretty damn quickly.

But, that's enough about on what's grown in the foothills of the Himalayas - what about the most important bit - the real home-grown talent?

Well, as always, the July instalment saw quite the mix of cars… not to mention quite the mix of weather, too! Here's a whole load of our favourite snaps from the day…

Thanks to all of you that came along to check out the stand and our retro Beemer. Don't forget that the SlammedUK Coffee Morning kicks off on the first Sunday every month from 10am to 1pm. So, check out for details, and we'll see you in August. Just make sure you roll up early to get your space!


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