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Essen Motor Show 2022 -

Essen Motor Show 2022

Monday 12 December 2022

We travel trans-continental to showcase two of our widest projects ever at Europe's biggest tuning event - the legendary Essen Motor Show

There's no doubt about it, the Essen Motorshow - which takes place every December in Essen, Germany - is one of the world's biggest tuning shows. In fact, it's more than that, aside from the legendary SEMA in Las Vegas, it's THE biggest tuning show on the planet. Yes, many have called this one the European SEMA over the years, but what's most important is that all this means it not only attracts the wildest builds on the continent but the mainstream German manufacturers love to get involved with plenty of their own performance offerings and prototypes on display, too.

Basically then, Essen is what you might call a big deal, and when it comes to racing, tuning, styling or any other aspect of modified car culture, you'll find it right here. So, with that in mind, you could say that our fine selection of professional-level detailing products fits right in with all the other high-end parts, accessories and automotive products showcased for the entire world to see.

Now of course, all this may be more than enough reason for us to load up the AirStream mobile store, along with a few of our most popular project vehicles, and make the trip 400-mile trip across France, the Belgium and the Netherlands into the heart of Germany. But it's by no means the only reason that the 2022 instalment was a little more special than most. No, this year we were also invited to display our duo of widebody monsters - not just our Liberty Walk S15 which has been busy storming the show season, but also the very-recently-completed Pandem Yaris GR. But, how would our latest big AF builds fair against the best that Europe has to offer? Well, we're proud to say that they absolutely blew the roof off and, along with our own stand, were absolutely swamped for the whole event.

Luckily for us then, we had a few "trade and media only' hours each day to get around the show, discover our favourite cars and take a few pictures before literally thousands of modified car fans burst through the doors. Here's a bumper selection of our favourite pictures from this massive week-long event…

Trust us when we say that it's well worth making the trip to Essen to see this event, every year it simply boggles the mind how they can fit in quite so many cars into eight massive halls. Once again, this year we had an absolute blast, and we're hoping to do it all over again early next December… we hope we'll see you there, too. Keep an eye on for updates.

As always thanks to everyone who visited the stand over the course of the week, and we'll see you again next time. 


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