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Ford Fair -
5 min read Thursday 12 August 2021

Ford Fair

There's no doubt about it, Ford Fair is a British institution… you may say much like Ford itself. Okay, so we know that technically the Blue Oval brand comes from across the pond, but since we've had the subsidiary - Ford of Britain - on our shores since 1909, the marque is now seen to be as British as bad weather, fish and chips and a cheeky "half-er-Carling' while watching Match of the Day. And, rightly so we say, so forget the mighty US of A, we've had plenty of the world's best Fords as UK and Europe-only models over the last 110-years or so, and at Ford Fair you'll find no shortage of bona fide legends with RS, Cosworth, Ghia or Tickford stamped on the boot… there's even the odd Lotus badge here and there, for those in the know, too.

The event is now in its 36th year, which means that, quite uniquely, the cars that were brand-spanking-new at the first outing are now classics in their own right. But, even though the finest retro metal makes our world go around, there's no doubt that there's a lot more to Ford Fair than the old skool stuff. It's quite simply one of those shows that has a little something for everyone… and that's exactly why we hit the road as the headline sponsor.

It's something of an understatement to say that Ford Fair is a big one, it completely fills the hallowed tarmac of Silverstone GP Circuit. That's never an easy task of course, but such is the passion for the brand that's held here in the UK, Ford Fair manages to cram the paddock, outfield and trackside with examples of Dagenham's finest, from every single era.

It goes without saying too, that being the main sponsor of such a huge event, we always break out the big guns and light up the trade area with a more than little finesse. In fact, after a Ford Fair hiatus in 2020, our bagged Airstream Land Yacht mobile store could make its first outing to the infamous show… obviously the undeniably iconic American roots are pretty fitting, too. 

It wasn't long before we had the legendary Silverstone Scrutineering Bay filled to the brim with AF goodness… 

Not only that, but we also laid on exclusive live detailing demos throughout the day, right out of the back of our OG Transit Connect M-Sport - the ultimate mobile detailing van.

Teaching enthusiasts and industry professionals the intricacies of the detailing world is a huge part of what we do, not to mention something of a passion for everyone at our Auto Finesse Detailing Academy. So, we made sure that our instructors were out in force to answer questions, give people a taster of our professional courses and provide a good grounding in processes such as safe washing and machine polishing.

Joining the Airstream and our fleet of pumped-up Ford Transits on our stand were few extra special guests. Just to give all the Ford fans something to ponder from the world of extreme detailing, we brought along some of our favourite brand ambassador cars from across the length and breadth of the UK. All absolute stunners!

Away from the trade area, shining bright in the Show and Shine Arena, were a whole lot more pampered examples from all around the Ford stable. It has to be said that these were some of the cleanest vehicles we've seen to date. Unbelievably clean for the age in fact.

We've supported the Show and Shine competition at Ford Fair for a number of years now, and we're always surprised at the concours cars that come out of the woodwork for this one - it has to be the most prestigious Ford-only gatherings in the whole of Europe.

There were more than a couple of stunners that entered this year to say the least, all battling out for the title of the cleanest. But, in the end the top prize was awarded to Ed Stratta and his amazingly mint Capri 3.0s, a worthy winner and no mistake.

Well done to everyone who took part, and especially to the 1st Runner Up - Max Williams' Fiesta Classic, and 2nd Runner Up Paul Bourne and his Focus RS. 

As well as the trade area, show and shine and the famous circuit itself, it's fair to say that it's the car clubs that make up much of the bulk of what's on offer at Ford Fair. Basically speaking, all this brings variety like no other. Sure, all these cars have a Blue Oval on the bonnet, but what's always surprising is the amount of different models, all modified in different ways, that turn up to display. Yes, there's the inevitable rows and rows of Blue Fiestas and Orange Focus STs, and there's nothing wrong with that, either. But look a little closer and you'll find a hugely diverse array of motors, and it's hard to believe that they all stem from the same marque.

Over the whole event there's plenty to take a look at, no matter what niche floats your particular boat. From motorsport-inspired racers to stanced-out street cars, Ford Fair sees just about model from every era and while it's impossible to feature them all here, we can bring you a whole load of our favourites…

Thanks to all you Blue Oval fans who came along to visit us on the stand, we hope you had a day as awesome as we did. We'll see you all at Silverstone for the next Ford Fair - keep an eye on for updates!


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