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It's round 2 with SlammedUK's Event - Gravity! Rolling into its second year, Gravity provided a vast selection of some of the UK's best builds, from the entire automotive spectrum. We came out in full MK2 force bring over our BBS Mk2 golf, the Kamei Jap inspired mk2 golf, Sam's Blue Mk2 and our Belgium sides lovely red Mk2 - the ultimate line-up.

Ashley Kenny

Mk4 Ford Fiesta

This is a styling blast from the past, from hydro’s to entire retrim and my god has it been pulled off well, not a single fault on this euro inspired build, can it get any smoother?

Harry Meggitt

VW Polo 6r

Ryan’s one of our brand ambassadors, and bagged 6r is a thing of beauty, he’s even rocking a custom Auto Finesse vinyl!