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ILOVEBASS: Districts 01 -
5 min read Sunday 09 July 2017

ILOVEBASS: Districts 01

It's been a long time coming, but the ILOVEBASS boys first show - Districts 01 was worth the wait. Hosted in the South13 - An old B&Q warehouse, converted into a massive indoor event space, in the†city of Belfast, Ireland.

ILOVEBASS managed to bring each corner of the automotive community closer, from classic motorsport through to supercars on air ride, no matter the origin, no matter the age. That's what we want from an automotive event, it's just how it should be, don't you think?

The level of vehicle was incredible, bringing Cafe racers, Mk2 Jaguars, Widebody BMW's, Off-roaders all under one roof, not to mention the attention to detail, not just in the cars, but the show its self. It seemed to have all the most favoured and well thought out parts of any show we've attended, all in one package, hats off to these guys for a great 2-day event!


Friday, 30TH JUNE

At 13:30 on Friday afternoon the journey starts, a not-so-short drive to Liverpool to catch out 9-hour ferry across to Belfast. We land at the docks after a choppy sleep, first to arrive at the venue that morning, and set-up begins getting ready for the Saturday kick off at 15:00.

lukasz Sadorski


The S2000 everyone talks about, Works, Bags, fitment and all the carbon you can handle. Shout out to brand ambassador Lukasz for this amazing build, honoured to have him on the Auto Finesse team.

Thomas Lacey


Tom's Subaru turns heads all day long, I mean, look at it, Wheels are too wide... no problem, extended fenders it is. This is the second time we've seen this car out, and it's just as impressive as the first time around, and deservingly it picked up best of show.

Ryan Cunningham


Brand ambassador Ryan came onto out stand at Districts this year to show off his bagged EK Jordan, rocking some shiny 3 Piece Schmidt's, glad to have you on board!

Paula Cassidy


Do you even tuck? - Well, one thing's for sure, Paula's Merc does, and it does it well! The subtle modifications on this car are what makes it perfect.

David Coleman

Widebody BMW E46

With just 5-days to go till the show, David's e46 was in not such a finished state, but damn did he pull it out of the bag! This M3 is rocking 12j's, now that's a wide-ass wheel.


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