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Players Classic 2022 -

Players Classic 2022

Monday 20 June 2022

There's no doubt that this is one of our favourite UK shows of the season, follow along here as we hit Goodwood for Players Classic

When it comes to the coolest of the cool UK events, it just doesn't get any cooler than the mighty Players Classic. Nowadays this show has no trouble at all packing out the legendary Goodwood country estate in Chichester and once again we were there to take in all the action… after all we've been a huge supporter of this one from the very beginning.

But what makes this particular gathering on the green, green grass of Goodwood quite so cool? It's probably because even though it's organised down to the minutest detail, it's also one of the most laid-back shows you're ever likely to attend. Well, that and you'll see some of the coolest cars from all over the world - they really break out the big guns for this one, that's for sure.

Speaking of the big guns, too. Suffice to say that we always break out more than a couple for Players Classic ourselves. The show for us always starts a few days before, getting our most popular project vehicles ready, loading up and getting them on the road to the south coast, and obviously, when it comes to sheer logistics, the 2022 instalment was just as intense. Not only did we have our OG Caddy and it's Caddy V2 brother in attendance, but our AirStream Mobile Store and our BMW M2 Competition ready and waiting for a spot of high-speed antics on the legendary circuit. And, what's more, this year was even more special because it would mark the show debut of our Liberty Walk Super Silhouette S15, which was given its final finishing touches in the early hours on the morning of the show. A close one for sure, but there's simply no better event than this to showcase our latest big build for the first time.

Here's the whole event from the rather unique TeamAF point of view…

Of course, the logistics of getting everything there is one thing, but getting it all set up before the gates open is entirely another. This part is always a huge team effort with everyone mucking in to set up, stock the shelves and prep the cars to  finished, show-worthy perfection. Luckily nowadays we've got this military operation down to something of a fine art. We guess that plenty of practice is the key, all the experience of a good couple of decades laying on show displays comes in mighty handy here...

But like anything that's worth work put in, Players Classic was certainly the wait. With the stand set up, a whole load of perfecting every last inch of our vehicles, and helping out a few of the other showgoers finish off their display cars with the world's best detailing products, the gates we opened and the crowds could finally get onto the hallowed ground of Goodwood.

Here's a whole load of highlights from the rest of the day, including a host of our favourite cars and more than a little track time for our monster BMW M2 Competition. There's no denying that this event just gets better and better every single year. So, let's roll the pictures...

As always, this year the support from the entire car scene was immense for Players Classic, and it almost goes without saying that we had a rather wonderful time on the manicured lawns of Goodwood, too. Thanks to everyone who visited the stand and we've no doubt that we'll see you again next June for the 2023 instalment of the show. Until then, keep an eye on for updates. 


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