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Tucked on the Green -
5 min read Monday 14 June 2021

Tucked on the Green

Picture the scene; it's 30 degrees outside, the England vs Croatia match is blasting over the radio, everyone is sitting out, chilling on the green with a beverage or three of their choice. It's almost as if the last couple of years never happened. It's almost, well, normal… if you can call a huge summer gathering of some of the best UK cars normal of course.

But, that's pretty much what Tucked On The Green was, and the "Green' in question just happened to be Duxford North Side, an exciting new venue for the guys at Tucked Automotive. And that's because it's not only seriously relaxed, but super-quirky, too. This disused R.A.F. barracks provided the perfect backdrop for many a social media photo throughout the day, with interesting nooks around the place to (ahem) "tuck' any car away for an impromptu shoot. In fact, every corner you turned in this former village seemed to uncover another seriously cool motor. So, rather ironically, inspite of the utterly scorching weather, Tucked turned out to be one of the coolest, most laid back, new events out there.

And, we guess that it goes without saying that we pulled out all the stops to make the day even cooler. Not least bringing along our bagged Airstream and our in-house duo of retro naughtiness - the AF E28 M535i and Skyline R32 GT-R. Because the California Climate had come out to play, our Chevy Stepside also made a crowd-pleasing appearance, too.

And as for the rest? Well, we'd say that the variety of vehicles, at this sold-out event was one of the most delectable sights, and a sight for sore eyes in the current climate, too.

Granted that many of the cars on display follow the same sort of slammed right into the weeds ethos, the UK stance scene is particularly strong here. But, what's perhaps most striking is the diversity of vehicles this ethos has been applied to. A heady mix of modern metal, old skool goodness, retro racers and even some outrightly weird and wonderful offerings. What's most important here though, is that they were all perfectly prepped and (those that could be) buffed to perfection.

Here's a selection of a whole load of our favourites…

So, that was Tucked On The Green, and we have to say that, after all the excitement, we just can't wait for the next one.
Thanks to everyone who visited our Airstream to take home a few products, get some detailing advice or just have a chat with the boys and girls manning the till, we'll see you all next time.


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