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@_rubyrides_ BMW S1000RR detail -
5 min read Tuesday 19 November 2019

@_rubyrides_ BMW S1000RR detail

It was no normal Monday morning at the Auto Finesse Academy when Ruby Rides came through the door with her BMW S1000RR, which was absolutely filthy and more than ready for a thorough going over by one of our master detailers.

Detailing a bike will always be slightly more intricate than that of a car, due to the nature of its design; there are far more nooks and crannies that you'll need to use dedicated tools for whether the bike is covered in faring or not. The wheels were particularly caked so we began by using our Imperial Wheel Wash in conjunction with a mixture of different wheel brushes to get into all the intricate sections of the wheels design and brakes etc alongside a dedicated wheel mitt. We then applied Iron Out contaminant remover in order to rid the wheels of any embedded brake filings.

The next task was to target any particularly oily or greasy areas such as the engine, crank casing and radiator. We chose our trusty engine degreaser Eradicate for this job, together with a detailing brush to really penetrate those areas that can't be reached with just a mitt. Bike prepped, we applied Avalanche Snow Foam and allowed it to dwell and lift any loose debris that had settled onto the bike, then we agitated each area individually with our Hog Hair Brushes before jet washing off. Using the two-bucket method, Lather Shampoo and the Lambswool Wash Mitt was used for the contact wash stage. The bike was then fully jet washed off. Bike still wet, Aqua Coat Hydrophobic Rinse Aid is then employed to add instant protection to the hard to reach areas such has under the fairings, wheels and under belly of the bike.

The motorbike was then rolled into one of our dedicated detailing bays to be dried using our Aqua Deluxe and Ultra Plush drying towels, along with compressed air to dry the more complex areas. Bike dried, we used ObilTARate Tar and Glue Remover to remove any bonded tar spots, chain lube, as well as rubber marks left behind by boots and marbles of tyre incurred from the regular track days that Ruby attends. All the textured plastic trims were dressed with Dressle and the trail arm was polished using Mercury Metal Polish to remove any fade and to bring back the high-shine finish. The bike fairings, cowlings and any other painted parts were then hand polished using TRIPPLE hand polish to deep clean the paintwork and prepare the surfaces for protection to be applied.

Ruby had completely covered the bike's visor with stickers, including some serious track day achievements; these were removed leaving behind a fair bit of scratching and defects that needed removing. Using the Rupes Big Foot Mini, One Step all-in-one Compound and a Auto Finesse Revitalise Pad No:2 (medium grade), we spent some time bringing the visor back to a defect-free, glossy, like-new finish. Polishing done, a perfect base is left behind for maximum-effect wax protection. A layer of our Desire Hard Wax is then applied for long-term gloss-effect protection.

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Auto Finesse Media Team


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