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The Mk4 Volkswagen Golf is becoming more and more scarce on our UK roads, so when Yerv (or ‘John’ as he’s better known) brought in his stunning example to the Academy we just had to find out more.

John has built a stunning example of an iconic car; one that becomes more iconic by the day. There is nothing understated about this project – it’s been completely overhauled; suspension upgrades, clean engine mods, flawless BBS wheels… and don’t get us started on the interior. Simply stunning.

You can see from the images that every aspect of this car has been thought about and we love it.

John brought the car into the Auto Finesse Academy for a thorough detail ready for Early Edition, back in May, at which he won an award at.

What got you into cars?

“I’ve been into cars since I was little. My Dad owned a number of Mercedes and Audis and we used to go to our family mechanic together. When I was 16, my Dad bought me a Mk1 Golf GTI as my first car. I started modifying it in my garage to get it ready for when I passed my driving test at 17. At the same time, my sister had a red BMW E30 325i – super low on BBS wheels; I loved it.”

So, you’ve owned the Golf for 5 years; what have you done to it since you got it?

“It’s definitely come a long way since I bought it for £300 five years ago! It ended up in Turkey for its first road trip and underwent a full repaint, where it went from black to purple.

“Since then, it’s had another full repaint; doors off, boot, bonnet etc. with full smoothing of the engine bay, done by Olly Bartlett. It’s also got Audi A6 door handles, which turned out to be a nightmare to do but good friend Ray (ARD Technic) helped sort it out.

“It’s got a full Airlift air ride system and custom LP7. It’s also had a full respray in midnight purple paint and the interior has had a custom retrim by SFP Design. They fitted a fully-functioning R8 steering wheel, along with custom RS5 wingback seats (that are also fully functioning thanks to ARD Technic (Ray, again).”

What are your future plans for the car?

“Well, the ideas never end, but the car is set to go into HSR Bodyworks in September for a full pan sunroof. It’s all ready to be fitted, I’ve just not had time with all show season.”

What are your top 5 AF cleaning products?

“My absolute favourites are Finale, Glisten, Crystal, Tripple polish, as well as Fusion wax – they’re my absolute must-haves when it comes to maintaining the pristine condition of the car and the paint. But, to be quite honest, I love all of the Auto Finesse products. The aftersales and customer service is spot on, too. Absolute stunning job on my Golf and the guys at the Academy were happy to answer any questions I had.”

Huge thanks to John for bringing the Mk4 down to the Detailing Academy and telling us all about the build!

Words and Images:
Auto Finesse Media Team