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Clay Bar

Clay Bar - Detailing Clay

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How do you use a Clay Bar?

Check out our YouTube video here on how to use a Clay Bar.

Do I need to use a Clay Bar if I have a ceramic coating on my vehicle?

You do not need to use a Clay Bar if your vehicle has been ceramic coated. The contaminates will not be able to bond to the paintwork properly so should come off with a good wash!

How many times can I use my Clay Bar?

Divide the clay bar into thirds and you should be able to get around 3+ uses out of each third (one use being an entire vehicle).This is based on an average daily driver vehicle that is decontaminated once or twice a year. Take a look at our blog post here for more information on Clay Bars.

200g of ultra-fine grade natural Kaolin clay

Claying will remove any bonded contaminates on top of the paintwork's surface that the car wash stage alone doesn’t. The Auto Finesse® Detailing Clay Bar comes as a 200g block and is made from an ultra-fine grade of natural Kaolin clay.

Product Details

Product Information

Categories: Decon
Product Type: Detailing Clay
Product Code: CB200

The Auto Finesse® Detailing Clay Bar comes as a 200g block and is made from an ultra-fine grade of natural Kaolin clay. This structure allows it to be both more effective against contamination, and less abrasive on sensitive paintwork than common polymer clays. It will efficiently remove both organic contamination (tree sap, mineral deposits from rainwater, protein deposits from insects and bird droppings,) and inorganic contamination (light tar and iron deposits, industrial pollution, paint overspray, etc.) on practically any hard surface. Paint, alloy wheels, glass, bright work trim, and even gloss-finish plastics can all benefit from being clayed.


Before claying you should wash and dry your vehicle, and inspect for heavy tar deposits or iron fallout. If these are present it will be necessary to use dedicated tar and iron fallout removers like Auto Finesse® ObliTARate, and Auto Finesse® Iron Out, before claying. The Auto Finesse® Detailing Clay Bar should be used in conjunction with our Glide Clay Bar Lube for a scratch free smooth finish. Once the vehicle is clean and free of heavy tar deposits, rub the clay in straight lines across all surfaces of the car to remove any embedded road grime.


  • Total Size: H 115.00mm x W 30.00mm x D 85.00mm
  • Weight: 250.00g

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