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Dynamite 1-Litre

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What are the differences between Citrus Power and Dynamite?

Although they are both used in a similar way, Dynamite has the capabilities to be diluted or left concentrated depending on the job in hand. Citrus Power is ideal for regular maintenance washes pre diluted to the perfect rate to ensure easy removal of bugs and grime every couple of weeks. Dynamite is better suited to the less frequent maintenance wash, where the exterior surfaces are looking extra grubby and need something with extra bite. For example, in the wet winter months when it's more difficult to wash your car as regularly. Although both Citrus Power and Dynamite are used at the same stage, they offer different levels of pre wash power so we'd recommend using one or the other depending on the condition of the vehicle in hand. Take a look at our blog post Citrus Power and Dynamite: The Differences for more information on these two pre-wash products.

Will Dynamite affect my protection layer?

Dynamite will affect protective layers such as waxes and sealants, and whilst it won't remove them immediately regular use would prematurely cause the wax or sealants protection to diminish earlier than expected. If you are looking for a pre-wash to use on a detailed and protected car try our Citrus Power.

Traffic Film Remover

A concentrated, safe, citrus pre-wash solution developed to breakdown dirt and road grime from all vehicle exterior surfaces.

Product Details

Product Information

Categories: Pre Wash
Product Type: Traffic Film Remover
Product Code: DYN1

This concentrated TFR, is a safe citrus pre-wash solution developed to breakdown dirt and road grime from all vehicle exterior surfaces. From paintwork to wheels, arches and door jambs, this versatile cleaner makes light work of the dirtiest jobs, whilst maintaining delicate wax and sealant layers to their fullest. 

A concentrate, pre-wash TFR solution that you can adapt to any detailing task. From road grime and bug removal to deep cleaning and degreasing, Dynamite can pack a cleaning punch in any situation while remaining gentle on sensitive finishes such as bare alloy, wax and sealant layers or matt finishes. Simply dilute at a ratio from 1:1 to 1:10 depending on the cleaning intensity required, apply and rinse or for added bite, apply, agitate with a soft bristle detailing brush and wipe away. 


  • Total Size: H 230.00mm x W 90.00mm x D 90.00mm
  • Weight: 1,100.00g

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