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Polish Pads

Polish Pads - Microfiber Pad

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How do I wash my pads/applicators?

To care for your pads and applicators, follow these simple steps:1. Soak the pads and applicators in warm soapy water (non-bio liquid detergent). 2. Massage any excess product out of the pads/applicator with your thumbs. 3. Rinse the pad/applicator thoroughly with warm clean water. 4. Once thoroughly rinsed, wring out any excess water so they are just damp. 5. Leave to air dry naturally in a cool dry place *DO NOT tumble dry*. 6. Finally, once completely dry, store in an air tight container. 

Is it best to apply Rejuvenate Paintwork Cleanser by hand or by machine polisher?

This will always depend on the finish you’re looking for, the effort you’d like to put in and the time you have available because you can get great results using either method. Rejuvenate Paintwork Cleanser has been developed using advanced diminishing abrasives which are designed to be extremely easy to break down by hand, so it doesn’t require a machine polisher to work the compound all the way through. All you need to effectively clean away oxidation and hardy contaminants, along with lightly refining paintwork, is a Microfibre Applicator or a Polish Pad. But that said, when you’re looking for the most consistent, professional finish over a whole vehicle, using a DA machine (such as our DPX or MPX Dual Action Polishers) can be the easiest option. Machine polishers will apply the same mechanical action to every panel for the ultimate constancy, and they will certainly take out most of the elbow grease. When using a machine polisher with Rejuvenate we recommend utilising a suitably soft, Revitalise No:3 Refining Pad for 5-inch polishers, and the equivalent (red) Revitalise Spot Pad for 3-inch machines.

Polish Pads

The perfect partner for applying polishes and paintwork cleaners.

Product Details

Product Information

Categories: Microfibre
Product Type: Microfiber Pad
Product Code: HPP

Microfibre Polish Pads from Auto Finesse® are the ideal choice for applying any of our polishes and paint cleansers. It's a soft, and comfortable applicator that allows you to apply polish in a safe manor, whilst having full control of the application. Dimensions 140mm x 90mm x 50mm. Supplied as a pack of two.


  • Total Size: H 250.00mm x W 30.00mm x D 220.00mm
  • Weight: 50.00g

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