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Verso 5-Litre

Verso - All-Purpose Cleaner

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Auto Finesse® Verso is our concentrated multi purpose cleaner (APC) and degreaser - perfect for cleaning a vehicle's interior and exterior surfaces. 

What is the dilution ratio for deep cleaning fabric?

7:1 Ratio -  Spray Verso onto the carpets or fabric that require cleaning. Allow dwelling for Verso to penetrate the dirt before using a carpet brush or detailing brush to agitate the area. Once agitated wipe or vacuum the area clean.

What is the dilution ratio for cleaning tyre walls?

To break down the harshest grime and the reminisce of old dressings ingrained in your tyres, you’ll benefit from using a relatively strong solution of Verso All Purpose Cleaner. 2:1 with water, in a Pro Bottle should give you all the cleaning power you’ll ever need for this job.

What dilution of Verso is need to remove polish residue?

If you notice that some polish residue has been left behind on your plastic/rubber trims, you can use Verso at a 10:1 ratio to remove the residue. 

This kit bag essential really can do it all!

This highly-concentrated dilute-to-suit cleaner and degreaser has been designed to tackle many a task in and around your vehicle and can take on anything from light cleaning to eradicating the most hardcore soiling - and all on just about any surface you'll come across, inside and out.

We just love to take cars apart on our big details, just to reveal all those little dirt traps that suffer from grime build-up

The most common traps can include parts like light clusters, trim, grilles and even headlights - and when it comes to cleaning away the dust and dry mud, Verso is always the first product we reach for. Here the dilution ratio will always depend on the level of contamination, but it makes sense to start with a mild 1:10 dilution, and step up to something a little stronger as and when it's needed.

Interested in learning mat art like a pro?

A decent set of car mats is not only useful for safeguarding your carpets from general wear and tear, but they're also ideal for providing a professional-style finishing touch to any detail. The best news is that cleaning and sanitising your mats is easy. And as for pattern striping? Well, everyone asks us about that - so, here's how it's done…

There's no doubt that Verso All Purpose Cleaner is one of the most versatile products we've ever developed

This special cleaning formula removes grime by breaking down, lifting and encapsulating contamination, safely suspending it in its own solution, so it can be safely rinsed or wiped away.

Interior seats, carpets and floor mats arguably pick up some of the worst soiling of any part of the vehicle

You don't need a hugely strong dilution of Verso here, just 1:7 will effectively penetrate the material, breaking away the grime deep down in the fibres without breaking or ripping up the fibres themselves. From there it holds the contamination in the solution, allowing it to be wiped away.

Product Details

Product Information

Product Type: All-Purpose Cleaner
Product Code: VE5L

Auto Finesse® Verso is our concentrated all-purpose cleaner and degreaser - perfect for cleaning a vehicle's interior and exterior surfaces. Whether you detail vehicles every day or you are a weekend detailing hobbyist, a high quality all-purpose cleaner and degreaser is a must-have product.

Verso can be used across carpet, fabric, rubber, engine, door jambs, wheel arches, tyres and convertible fabric hoods. Simply choose the recommended dilation ratio to suits your needs.


Once you have chosen the correct dilution to suit your needs, mix Verso into a spray bottle and spray onto the surface that requires cleaning. If you are using Verso to degrease the engine and door jambs, liberally spray the selected area and allow to dwell, before agitating with a detailing brush. This technique will also work well to clean the fabric of a convertible roof. As an interior cleaner, lightly spray the dirty surface (do not saturate delicate areas such as headlining). If required, agitate with a detailing brush. If not, simply wipe clean with a microfibre cloth or extract using a vacuum cleaner.

Product Summary

•Dilutable all purpose cleaner to suit your needs

•Suitable for cleaning, degreasing and much more!

•Can be used on interior and exterior


  • Total Size: H 3,000.00mm x W 500.00mm x D 1,500.00mm
  • Weight: 5,300.00g

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