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Waxmate XL - Pack of 2

Waxmate XL - Wax applicator

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How do I wash my pads/applicators?

To care for your pads and applicators, follow these simple steps:1. Soak the pads and applicators in warm soapy water (non-bio liquid detergent). 2. Massage any excess product out of the pads/applicator with your thumbs. 3. Rinse the pad/applicator thoroughly with warm clean water. 4. Once thoroughly rinsed, wring out any excess water so they are just damp. 5. Leave to air dry naturally in a cool dry place *DO NOT tumble dry*. 6. Finally, once completely dry, store in an air tight container. 

Is there any benefit to applying a second layer of wax?

In terms of extra gloss and added protection, yes, adding a second coat is always beneficial. What this will do is build up more of a physical barrier to the elements and further level the optical finish to make paintwork appear even deeper and glossier. A wax layer that’s double the thickness will proportionally increase these characteristics making it a great way of getting your paintwork to look its absolute best - essentially adding more warmth and depth - which is a great pro-tip for show cars and other pampered vehicles. So, why not just add a single thick layer in the first place? Well, it’s because the wax has to bond to the surface, and only the thin layer that makes contact with your paintwork can successfully bond. Laying on a thick application simply means that you’ll be buffing off most of the wax - all the wax that hasn’t bonded - wasting your car wax, and your cash. Conversely, once that first layer has cured, another thin layer can easily bond on top of the original wax layer, building up the protection and shine. With our Signature Hard Waxes, just half a turn in the tin with a Waxmate XL or Wax Spot Pad is more than enough for a whole large panel, and the goal is always to get your wax on there as thinly and evenly as possible, while ensuring complete coverage. We recommend leaving the vehicle for 3-4 hours for a hard wax to cure (or 2 hours when using Radiance Carnauba Crème, which is classed as a liquid wax) before adding your second coat. For more on wax application, and some top tips for the most effective surface preparation, see our full guide – Getting The Most From A Hard Wax.

Waxmate XL

Waxmate XL has been specially engineered to fit the exact diameter of our new 150g wax tins, meaning a simple quarter twist covers the whole face and ensures you get a better, more even coverage when using our hard waxes.

Product Details

Product Information

Categories: Applicators
Product Type: Wax applicator
Product Code: WM2XL

Waxmate XL V2 - New and improved for 2021/2022!

The Waxmate XL is the ultimate application tool for all hard waxes. Constructed from super-soft, non-scratch foam, and ergonomically-sculpted for ease of use, this premium applicator ensures even coverage, every single time. 

A quarter-turn in your wax container is enough to transfer the perfect amount of your favourite product to complete any large panel. And the Waxmate XL is also easily compressed to offer a quick and simple storage solution in the top of your tin... exactly where you need it. 

Supplied as a dual pack. 


  • Total Size: H 60.00mm x W 60.00mm x D 60.00mm
  • Weight: 10.00g

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