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Work Cloth Trio

Work Cloth - Microfibre Cloth

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How do I care for this microfibre cloth?

Cleaning and conditioning all your microfibre cloths and drying towels couldn’t be simpler, they can be hand or machine washed with a little Micro Wash Microfibre Detergent, to extend their life and keep them fresh for the next time you detail. We always recommend separating short and long pile microfibre to wash separately, and if you’re washing your Drying Towels, keep these separate too, because it’s unlikely they’ve been exposed to any cleaning chemicals in the first place. When it comes to machine washing our Microfibre Work Cloths (including our Work Cloth Trio), Primo Plush, Ultra Plush, Glass Waffle, Duo Edgeless, Micro Tweed and Superior Waffle Microfibre, limit the temperature to sub 30 DegC, and use a fast spin cycle to expel most of the water, before hanging to air dry. Never tumble dry or hot wash, as this can melt the fibres, making them sharp and prone to scratching. For more information on washing our all of our microfibre cloth range, check out our guide – How To Wash Your Microfibre Cloths The Right Way.

What’s the difference between a waffle cloth for glass and a traditional microfibre cloth?

All-purpose microfibre cloths – such as our 400x400mm, 300GSM, Microfibre Work Cloths and Work Cloth Trio – are great all-rounders, suitable for a multitude of cleaning and finishing tasks in and around your vehicle. These super-soft items can be used to great effect with the vast majority of detailing and valeting products, and this includes Crystal Glass Cleaner and Vision Glass Polish. The difference with our Glass Waffle and Superior Waffle though, is that they’re specifically designed to be the ultimate premium towels for cleaning and polishing glass. The special waffle wave pattern not only significantly increases the useable microfibre surface area, helping to increase the absorption, making them ideal for use with spray-on ‘wet’ products. But it also creates pockets between the weave which help to safely trap more grime, debris and polish residues, locking them deep within the cloth and, most importantly keeping them away from the surface. In this way our waffle cloths are ideal for safe grime removal using Crystal Glass Cleaner and for deep-cleaning and more intensive polishing tasks with Vision Glass Polish, making it quicker and easier to get a smear and streak-free finish every time you clean, deep-clean or restore your vehicle glass. For more information on all types of microfibre cloths, and what they’re best used for, see our full guide – Microfibre Car Cloths - Getting The Right Towel For The Job

What is microfibre?

Although, we often use the word microfibre as a generalised term for a whole towel or cloth it actually refers to each fibre in the material. In order to be a microfibre, by definition, the single fibres have to be finer than 1 denier, which roughly equates to a single strand of silk. The premium cloths we develop have microfibres between 0.1 and 0.3 denier, which is up to 200 times finer than a human hair. Microfibre cloths are made from a synthetic blend of polyester - which makes up most of the structure - and polyamide (Nylon) used for increased absorption and density. These single fibres are also split to make them extremely fine during the manufacturing process and then woven into various constructions that have different attributes that are ideal for specific tasks. A split microfibre strand has a cross section much like an asterix (*), this not only means it has a hugely increased surface area, but that it can lift away fine particles within the strand itself. So, when these fibres are run across any wet or dry surface, they will pick up the fine particles or water molecules and hold them within the single fibres. This is why a microfibre will grab dust, grime and water, rather than simply move it around. For more on the science of microfibre see our full guide – Microfibre Car Cloths – Getting The Right Towel For The Job.

What does GSM mean?

GSM (grams per square metre) is the dry weight – otherwise known as the density - of a microfibre cloth, regardless of the type of weave or length of the pile. As a general rule, the higher the GSM, the softer and more suited to absorbing moisture or liquid detailing products a cloth will be. Our ultra-deep pile Aqua Deluxe and Aqua Deluxe XL are designed purely for drying and utilise an ultra-high 1200GSM microfibre material, helping them to absorb a huge amount of water. A high GSM is also suitable for sensitive surfaces like soft paint and easily-scratched gloss plastics. Our Ultra Plush Microfibre and Primo Plush Microfibre Towels are also extremely absorbent, but these thick, long-pile 800 and 600GSM towels are also the ultimate premium cloths for safely buffing away finishing and protection products. Lower GSM figures are not quite as absorbent and more suited to heaver cleaning tasks and cleaning away harsh polish or coating residues, our Microfibre Work Cloths for example are still extremely soft, durable and scratch free, but these are constructed with a 300GSM microfibre to make them seriously versatile for a wide variety of detailing and valeting tasks.

What's the difference between the Micro Tweed and a more traditional microfibre cloth?

The difference is in the specially developed microfibre weave, which offers slightly different physical characteristics to make the Micro Tweed Buffing Towel the ultimate cloth for use with car waxes, such as the premium protection products you’ll find in our Signature Hard Wax Collection. This tweed construction not only gives the Micro Tweed a significantly higher surface area for increased garb on residues, but it also leaves special air pockets in the material that are ideal for catching and locking away excess wax deep within the cloth. The idea here is to prevent wax clogging, which is especially common when too much product is applied to the vehicle. Keeping these wax residues in the cloth, and ultimately away from surfaces, makes it quicker and easier to safely buff your paintwork, along with other sensitive areas, without marring the wax layer underneath. 

Work Cloth

The Auto Finesse® Work Cloth is a versatile microfibre cloth perfect for all types of cleaning

Product Details

Product Information

Categories: Microfibre
Product Type: Microfibre Cloth
Product Code: MWC-3

The Auto Finesse® Work Cloth is now available in white, grey and teal, perfect for separating each cloth for use on different surfaces. The Auto Finesse® Work Cloth is made up of soft white microfibre suited to all manners of cleaning tasks, from removing your favourite wax or sealant to deep cleaning your dash.

Size: 400mm X 400mm

Weight: 300GSM


  • Total Size: H 400.00mm x W 400.00mm x D 5.00mm
  • Weight: 300.00g

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