Multi-Stage Deep Clean Wash

Wheels deep cleaned Snow foam and pre-clean16 Stage safe wash process Arch liners cleaned Door Jambs and shuts deep cleanedLiquid decontamination (tar dot & fallout remover)Clay bar decontamination (tree sap and industrial fallout) Safe drying process using a combination of air & drying.

Protection & Correction

Single-stage machine polish to remove light swirls and surface defectsMachine Glaze to further enhance gloss and claritySynthetic paint sealant and/ or carnauba wax applied for protection

For the Interior

Plastic and rubber trims dressed and treatedBrightwork polished, including tailpipesSealant applied to wheelsTyres and arches dressedInternal & external glass cleanedFinal wipe down before QC check and final sign off

The Finishing Touches

Plastic and rubber trims dressed Metal brightwork, including tail pipes polished Tyres and arches dressed Glass cleaned both inside and out Final wipe down with quick detailer before QC check and sign off

Detailing Services

Enhancement Detail

Duration: 1 day
Estimated cost: From £495 +VAT
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