The Fleet

Auto Finesse Project Cars

Some of the major builds we've completed here at Auto Finesse and The Detailing Academy.

A Illustrious History Of Modifying

Even before we produced the world’s finest detailing products we modified cars, it’s simply in the blood here at Auto Finesse. Over the years we’ve completed many a project as much for ourselves as to promote our brand at the world’s biggest car shows.Nowadays our project fleet is far too extensive to be housed under one roof but - don’t worry - we have many on display at The Detailing Academy and many, many more that are regularly shipped around the world for display at the most prestigious events.


And It’s Not Just Cars…

We may have quite the reputation for our influence on the VW scene, starting with our very first AF project – the Porsche-powered OG Mk1 Caddy more than a decade ago. But we love all kinds of cars and, since then, we’ve put together some of the most revered builds from arange of manufacturers from all around the world. Examples from Ford, BMW, Nissan,Porsche, Datsun, Renault, Chevrolet, Audi and many other marques have gone under the knife here at AF… and it’s not just cars, either. We’ve built everything from vans and pickups to motorbikes, scooters and even our fully custom AirStream Mobile Store. One thing’s for sure, if it’s an AF Project it certainly won’t be standard!

Building The Hottest Fleet In The Business

The official AF car collection is so extensive, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that, at heart, we’re professional detailers rather than car custom car builders. But that’s not to say that we haven’t had help along the way. Aside from the cars built in-house at The DetailingAcademy we’ve had a long history of collabs with the most prestigious partners to source the rarest parts and deliver the ultimate finish. These include Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny (Pandem), Thornton Hundred, HKS, Rotiform, RAYS, VW Heritage, ColourKraft, Air LiftPerformance, Ruck Style, SW Motorsport, Forge Motorsport, Black Fish Graphics, Kamei, Identity Wraps and many, many more.

Get The Lowdown!

We all love our modified cars but, we think you’ll agree, the story behind every project is just as important as the result. Sometimes it’s all about the journey. This is why we’ve always had our Media Team on hand to capture every project from start to finish. From our current builds to full spotlights covering the story behind our most famous projects to date, you can check out a comprehensive range of articles in the Projects section of our blog.

Project Cars

The good, the really good & the perfectly-buffed

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