Product Information

Product Type: Umbrella
Product Code: UMB

Keep the winter weather at bay - or the quintessential UK summer for that matter – simply by never being without our extra-large AF Detailer’s umbrella.

A timeless 8-panel design, presented in black-on-black and emblazoned with the Auto Finesse signature logo on four sides, this stylish but sporty rain-stopper features a durable polyester canopy, heavy-duty metal shaft, ergonomic grip and automatic opening. All the hallmarks of the classic luxury British brolly.  

Whether it’s the unavoidable springtime drizzle, the obligatory New Year showers or any other adverse meteorological conditions, why let a little random precipitation get in the way of your all-important day-to-day? Especially when you can break out your Auto Finesse Umbrella at the touch of a button.

Car shows, spectator sports, that brisk evening walk and, it goes without saying, detailing your pride and joy - as soon as the clouds open you can now be ready to stay dry in the classiest possible way. We are the experts in world-beating hydrophobic protection, after all.  

Singing in the rain at the same time is, of course, optional.