Product Information

Product Type: Wheel Cleaning Brush
Product Code: BARREL-B

When all other detailing brushes for your wheels seem to be falling short, the Barrel Brush uses every inch of its soft scratchless bristles to get deep into those hard to reach areas that need a thorough cleaning.

The perfect tool for scrubbing deep inside the barrel of alloy wheels for deep cleaning through and through. Easily bend and shape the flexible brush rod to scrub around brake callipers, the inner wheel rim, and behind wheel spokes. The extra-soft bristles are tough on dirt, grime, and brake dust, but gentle on painted, chrome, powder-coated and polished wheels.

•The handle length is 12cm with a brush head length of 22cm, added with an extension from the handle to the brush making it an overall size of 40cm.

Want to learn how to clean your wheels more effectively? See our guide here.

Please note, do not use on gloss black alloys, please use the ultra soft Wonder Wools instead.  

Product Summary

  • Scratchless Bristles to ensure a safe but thorough clean on your wheels
  • Ideal tool for cleaning the barrel of your wheels
  • 2 sizes available: Small & Large
  • Not safe for use on gloss black alloys, check out our Wonder Wool Collection.