Product Information

Product Type: Paint Glaze
Product Code: UGZ500

Take your paintwork to the next level with Ultra Glaze Paint Glaze - the secret to concours-level depth and gloss.

This advanced, acrylic polymer glaze is specifically designed to enhance paintwork while reducing the appearance of fine scratches and swirl marks. Ultra Glaze makes metallic paint types pop, dark colours appear much deeper and reds even more fiery, all in one simple step. This next-generation non-abrasive glaze is a must for detailing cars with the most pampered paintwork when looking for the ultimate show-worthy finish.  

Polymer-enriched paint glazes add depth and gloss by filling and obscuring surface defects. They also level the optical finish of your paint or clearcoat by leaving behind a slick layer of synthetic oils and polymer films that physically smooth out the top surface. Car paintwork isn’t completely flat on a microscopic level, even after polishing. Any tiny ruts, recesses and imperfections left in the surface - including damage caused by light scratching and swirls - will diffract light in different directions, highlighting defects and toning down the level of gloss. The smooth surface created by paint glazes reflects light more uniformly giving the appearance of significantly more depth and gloss.      

Ultra Glaze solves the problem of light scratches and swirls quickly and effectively. Rather than removing them directly by levelling down the entire surface using abrasive cutting agents, it simply fills defects, obscuring them to the eye. On a microscopic level Ultra Glaze also leaves behind a perfectly smooth, shiny top layer, replacing essential oils in damaged paintwork to prevent future fading in the process.

Easy to apply by hand or with a machine polisher, Ultra Glaze offers professional results with minimum effort. This product also creates the optimum base for adding even more depth and gloss when using our carnauba-based wax protection products such as Radiance Carnauba Crème, Glisten Spray Wax and our Signature Collection of Hard Waxes.

Ultra Glaze is suitable for enhancing all gloss paint types and supplied in 250ml or 500ml bottles.

For application by hand, we recommend our microfibre Polish Pads and our Primo Plush Microfibre Towel.

For application via car polishing machine, we recommend our DPX Dual Action Machine Polisher and our soft Revitalise No:3 Machine Polishing Pad, or Medium Revitalise No:2 Machine Polishing Pad for harder paint types.  

How-To Use Ultra Glaze

Step 1

Shake well before use.

Step 2

Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from contaminants.

Step 3

Using a microfibre applicator apply sparingly to the surface with light pressure in small overlapping circular motions, treat only one panel at a time.

Step 4

Once cured remove excess with a mircofibre cloth.

Step 5

Once all paintwork has been treated apply a paste wax for the best results.

Product Summary

  • Non-abrasive, polymer-enriched paint glaze
  • Adds depth and gloss while filling and masking
    scratches and swirls
  • Suitable for all gloss plaint types
  • Easy application via hand or machine polisher

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