Product Information

Product Type: Presentation Packaging
Product Code: SGB1

Our new luxury Auto Finesse® gift bags will stand out from the crowd at any occasion. Each gift bag includes 3 pieces of branded tissue paper to add an extra touch of finesse to the perfect gift.

The Large Gift Bag can hold 5 x 1L bottles or 6 x 500ml bottles or 16 x 250ml bottles.

Dimensions: 355 X 430 X 125mm

The Small Gift Bag can hold 2 x 1L bottles or 3 x 500ml bottles or 8 x 250ml bottles. 

Dimensions: 380 X 230 X 100mm


Product Summary

  • Dimensions for large gift bag: 355 X 430 X 125mm
  • Dimensions for small gift bag: 380 X 230 X 100mm