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TeamAF China

I'm a huge fan of modified cars, and I have followed lots of shows and events in all around the world. the works from AF is 100% amazing. They have get into the modified car then try to tell people how they can play with their cars, including modified, detailing, driving.

In now days, thousands of detailing brands in the same market, they have different styles. I like the design of AF brand best, super luxury classic England style, sweet smells, and high quality pictures and videos. those things is very important for customer images. why people always keep buying from the brand which they usually choose? because they like the design and style and those always in their minds.

In the first of all, we have do a lot of preparation before our first official's sales. people love the logo of AF and the videos from AF. the first challenge of our business is the price is a bit high for Chinese market. people like the brand but stopped cause the price. So we have tried to join some car show and event. the opportunity comes when we meet iAcro team, which is the biggest modified car show union in China. AF style is very close to modified cars, car owners also love AF brand quickly.

Yes we have a walk in store and detailing bay in China. I have been to AF academy UK, and I have take hundreds pictures from there. when I back to China, I have found a right place and build up a place as store and bay. people can come to Chinese academy shopping, asking their questions about detailing. if they really need a professional detailing course, we'd love to help them. There are more than 200 detailers finished our course and get their skills and business onto next level.

I'm appreciated with James help on our AF academy. It's a very daring game to offer AF perfection course from UK to China. we have do a lot of online training and discussions, huge work on translation and plastic on performance.

I remember that we are not doing great in beginning, I almost lose my patience. once when I talk with James, he didn't blame me on worse sales, but telling me about his story. in the end of the talk, James let me know, the business of detailing is a long game, he has insisted 20 years, we need to put our passion on it. The marketing materials are good, I always get those materials very soon and exactly.

For the classic product I will say avalanche snow foam, he didn't find any opponent today. for new stars I d like lavish best. that will save me a lot of time on paint protection. In future we are going to try corporate with colleagues in our city. putting our detailing corse to students, that will help us growing up the team of detailers. We understand that more new blood coming in, more stronger the industry will be in future (and to have more cars than James) just kidding!