Still Static At The Academy

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We've had a great relationship with the guys at Still Static over the years, probably because we share similar interests… namely super-clean cars that are running so low that they're in serious danger of ripping up catseyes! Oh, and don't even get us started on sets of epic, jaw-dropping rims, either.

Of course, it helps that, just like us, these guys are seriously into their next-level detailing. So, when they needed a place to meet up before an impromptu photoshoot recently, where could be better than our very own Detailing Academy? In fact, they enjoyed it so much, that a couple of hours turned into all day, as they decided to stay with us and take their photos right here.

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The thing about Still Static is that they may be a business but many of their clients have become firm friends, there's a laid-back, chilled atmosphere that's more like a car club, or just a collection of like-minded individuals who love to show and talk about their cars. It's certainly something that resonates with us, in fact you could say that these guys are a part of the wider Auto Finesse family. In other words, how could we refuse? We we're looking forward to this invite-only gathering just as much as the Still Static crew.

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Of course, there was always the chance for the guys to stock up for their winter detailing requirements, because or flagship store is located right in the academy. But it goes without saying, that we thought it only prudent to break out our pressure washer, so they could give their cars a quick wash, and gain a spot of professional advice on where and when to use our extensive product range, including a few of our latest new lines.

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Still Static At The Academy - Still Static at The Academy

Then it was just a case of cranking up the music and making the Academy, including one of our detailing bays, available for the guys to get the very best pictures for their personal social media channels. We even laid on the drinks and pastries to make sure, particularly in these troubled times, that everyone had a great time, right up until sunset.

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Quite a few supremely modified creations were invited, and it was a great turn out considering the current climate. But here's just a few of our favourites…

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Simon is the main man behind Still Static, and the main organiser of the meet, and the shoot. It's nice to see he practices exactly what he preaches with his stunning Mk7 Golf slammed over huge forged hoops. A stunning colour, too!

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We think that Darren's 964 is resto modding at its very finest. There are some big plans for the future for this stunning classic and, being a relatively new addition to his fleet, he will be starting with a spot of intense paint correction. As you can imagine, we can certainly help with that…

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Can there be a finer choice in the Audi paint pallet than Nardo Grey? This hue most definitely looks the part on Adam's smooth, bagged TT. The little coupe is no doubt a stunner, but we were particularly loving his latest addition to the build - the mighty custom exhaust, perfectly suited to the TTRS rear bumper. That's a tasty rear end right there, eh?

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We just love the fact that James' Mk7 Clubsport is, ahem, still static. This super low street weapon looks amazingly clean, and we're definitely loving the gold wheels against the immaculate white paintwork - a classic combo and no mistake. James isn't afraid to put it all out there with this car, in fact, the only thing that scares him is the local speedbumps. We don't blame him, either… we wouldn't want to have to repaint that rather complicated front bumper. Ouch!

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This stunning VW Up is not only a showstopper, it's living proof that you don't have to buy the most expensive car in the whole range, to take up the mantel of the coolest ride on any given street. We were hugely impressed by everything about this baby Dub - the way it sits and the way it's modified is absolutely spot-on. And, speaking of spot-on, too. The paintwork on this car is a huge testament to Max's detailing skills. This guy really knows his stuff.

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There seems to be just one thing Mark likes more that perfectly detailing his collection of cars, and that's collecting some of the world's finest forged wheels to put on them… apparently, he's got more than a couple of sets of posh rims stashed away for a not-so rainy day. His latest purchase, these stunning MB Design LV1.2s were definitely worth bolting on before the car came out of 18-months of hibernation for the meet. That must have been some beauty sleep, right?

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