Protecting Your Glass For Winter


Cleaning your glass is one of the final stages in any good detail, and to be honest, it's mighty important because it's quite handy being able to see while driving. Sometimes, things really are that obvious.

But, as the nights are starting to draw in, and the weather is turning now, it makes even more sense to get your glass decontaminated and protected for the winter months. So, here's the best products for that, and the best way to do the job…


Don't forget that this is part of the final finishing stages, so first thoroughly wash and dry your car. When you get on to finishing the glass, start by using Crystal Glass Cleaner on the inside of your windows.

What is car detailing?

Once you've spritzed on a very light mist, simply wipe away any grime, fingerprints and sticky residues. The reason it's best to complete the inside first, is that it makes it easier to make sure the harsher contaminates you'll be cleaning away on the outside are actually on the outside.

Now you can start on the outside for light contamination you can, again, use Crystal, but for heavily stained windows and a full-decon, Vision Glass Polish is the best way to cut through contaminants. The light abrasives Vision contains also remove fine scratches to restore clarity.

Apply a few pea sized drops of Vision to a microfibre applicator.

Work the product into the surface using light-medium pressure.

And wipe away the most stubborn of stains with a fresh microfibre cloth.

This stage is entirely optional, but now we like to use a spritz of Crystal, just to make sure no polish dust or residue is left behind.

You'll certainly notice the difference as your microfibre cloth glides smoothly across the surface

Now your windows are crystal clear on the outside, you're going to want to protect the new lease of life you've just given them, right? The best way is with our Caramics Glass Protection Kit.

If you hadn't already used Vision, you'd have to prepare the surface with the supplied Caramics Glass Polish, but now you can skip that stage and move straight on to the Glass Wipes. All it takes is one wipe for each window, so rip open the packet.

Simply apply your wipe to the surface, on the larger windows we like to work from the middle outwards, and then go to the other side and, again, work from the middle outwards. Make sure you cover the entire window.

Once hazed, the ceramic coating has bonded, so all that's needed is a quick spritz of the supplied residue remover and a wipe with a fresh microfibre cloth. Ensure you remove any residue that's left on there.

After buffing until crystal clear, the ultra-hydrophobic protection is complete. Now you'll see the most extreme water behaviour and beading. It'll be dead easy to clean next time, too, because the dirt just won't stick.

After any subsequent maintenance washes, it's best to use Caramics Glass Cleaner on the exterior glass for superior streak-free cleaning and a quick and easy top-up of ceramic protection.